Shipping giants have suspended Red Sea routes next month, shipping prices are expected to riseNotifications

Affected by the conflict between Palestine and Israel, the situation in the Red Sea is tense. At present, Maersk/Hapa-Lloyd/Mediterranean Shipping/CMA CGM Shipping and other shipping companies have announced that the European and Mediterranean routes have been suspended through the Red Sea area, and they have changed to bypass the Cape of Good Hope, so the shipping schedule may be extended by 7-14 days accordingly.

COSCO EMC OOCL and other shipping companies are discussing the possibility of going around the Cape of Good Hope to Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, but there is no exact news at present. Our company will update as soon as possible after receiving the notice.

At present, we have learned from most shipping companies that the sea freight price will rise in January, and customers with shipment needs are advised to prepare goods in advance.

2023-12-21 246

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