New dropshipping service user guide

The new dropshipping page is specially designed for packages handed over by domestic express companies. Thus domestic tracking number is required before creating orders.

New Shopify API integration - Custom app

New Shopify API integration user guide

Warehouse fulfillment service user guide

Warehouse Fulfillment Service User Guide

Schedule pickup user guide

We offer pickup service for customers whose suppliers are located in Shenzhen within our picku

Drop shipping service user guide

Several easy steps for you to submit drop shipping orders on PFC system.

Shopify API integration user guide

We have integrated with Shopify API which enables you to sync orders into our system in bul

WooComemerce API integration user guide

We have integrated with WooCommerce API which enables you to sync orders into our system in bulk.

ebay API integration user guide

We have integrated with ebay API which enables you to sync orders into our system in bulk

Amazon API integration user guide

We have integrated with Amazon API which enables you to sync FBM orders into our system in bul

What are the general workflow for customers and PFC to fulfill orders?

General workflow for customers / General workflow for PFC 1. Send inquiry 2. Register ac

Which is the most suitable shipping method for my product?

Our online shipping calculator gives you a brief understanding of the real-time shipping fee and estimated delivery time.

How can I top up my account balance?

Currently, we support topping up your account balance with the following methods

Can I cancel my orders after confirmed?

Whether you can cancel an order depends on the order type and status. Below we demonstrates th

I want my orders to be downloaded to your system automatically, do you support API integration with some platforms?

Yes, we have integrated with eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, etc,

Can you help to purchase products from Taobao,alibaba?

Yes, we can help you purchase products from Taobao or alibaba, and also help to communicate with the

What are the supported countries for Cash on delivery service

Cash on delivery service supported countries are mainly Hongkong, Taiwan, South East Asian includes

Except the price you quoted to me, is there other additional charge or hidden fee?

There is no hidden fee. The occasional unexpected cost is when the address belongs to a remote ar

What's your dropshipping service includes and price?

Our dropshipping service include receiving products from different suppliers, repacking, products

How can my customers track their orders?

Three ways for your customers to track their orders: First one is our tracking API enables

Is your warehouse secure? Do you provide insurance on the products in the warehouse?

With so many goods in our care or custody, we cannot afford to lose them.Our warehouse is equipped w

Where's your warehouse? Can you pick up my products from the supplier?

Our warehouse is located in Longhua district of Shenzhen, China. We offer free pickup service in som

What's the order fulfillment turnaround time?

We ship out all the ready packages on early morning from Friday to Saturday. The cut off time is 16:

What's your processing time of incoming stock?

After receiving your new stock, we will verify contents and quantities against the packing list. The

Could you please clarify your warehouse fulfillment procedure?

A concise process flow: Receiving < General QC  < Put on storage shelves < Pick &am

What kind of services do your have?

We offer a variety of services that we believe we can satisfy your different demands in supply ch

Where is your pickup service areas in China

We provide free pickup service in some main areas of Shenzhen, Guangzhou for total cargo weight over

What Benefit and Advantage i can have if i Register in PFCEX

Reasons to Register 1 Create a Shipment Ship with PFCEX quickly and easily. Create professional shipping labels and bill to a payment card or your PFCEX Account. 2 Enhanced Tracking Receive Proof of Delivery and import and save tracking num

If my parcel is lost, then what is the procedure of making a claim

If you suspect tha t your parcel is lost in transit, then we will help you to send an inquiry list to the post office or courier company and they will investigate. They will compensate you if they can confirm that the parcel is indeed lost.

What is China Warehouse Service?

Have you been spending your precious time in the warehouse ... replenishing stock, managing shelves, doing stock checks, printing mail-labels, sorting, packing and mailing your orders? We can handle all these chores for you so that you can

How do I calculate the cubic feet of my cargo ?

Relax...you can use our Web-based UTS-Cuber tool or read the brief tutorial that follows. Calculating the cubic feet (often shortened to cube or cf) of your cargo is easy (and fun!). Measure - in inches - the length (L), width (W), and heig

How to Choose a Freight Forwarder in China?

When setting up a manufacturing business in China there are many challenges to master, and shipping shouldn't have to be one of these. To ensure that the materials your company needs for production arrive on time and that products are shippe
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