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1. What exactly is a Kickstarter?

To explain it simply, Kickstarter is a funding program where these creative individuals can share and stimulate awareness or attention on a certain unique project or idea they would like to launch.

It is supported by crowdfunding which suggests that any financial assistance they get from the general public is what fuels these projects to kickoff. Just think of it as colleagues, random strangers, supporters all coming together to shell out funds in exchange for possible rewards or possibly credits from the successful outcome of these projects.

The organizers of these projects can either come up with a page or website to share the details of their ideas and plans which can be done through photos, videos or texts. These organizers also have a funding goal and target completion date. Supporters can as well obtain rewards based on the amount they have pledged.

As soon as enough funds have been put together for the project, fulfillment process can then begin. Some supporters who have contributed funds may have to wait for months, depending on how complicated a project may be.

2. PFC Kickstarter Fulfillment.

We can ship to your backers no matter where they are in the world.
Our shipment services can reach any country in the world.
We provide final destination tracking so you can confirm your backers have received your product  No matter how small or large your campaign we can provide shipping turnaround within 24 hours of receiving your products.

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