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Service introduction

FedEx, founded on April 17th,1973, is the largest express transportation company in the world, operating in more than 235 countries and regions to provide fast and reliable door-to-door courier service worldwide. FedEx is a international express delivery service with wide range and great ability of customs clearance. PFC express is the Hong Kong Fedex level 1 partner with low price and fast service. FedEx has an extensive global air and ground network and usually require only 2 to 4 days delivery on time sensitive shipments. It is the best choice for your international express.

Delivery time
Priority express service
2-4 working days (reference provided by HK FedEx)
Economic Courier services
3-7 working days (reference provided by HK FedEx)
The limitation period for parcel is from Internet access (Hong Kong federal express received package) to the recipient receive this express so far, except special situation!
Delivery time depends on each destination with the customs clearance time and flight arrangements
Volume and the weight limit

One parcel’s weight can not over more than 68KG.
No limit for each shipment.

Do not accept parcels which the longest side exceeds 274 CM or the longest side plus the total of the other sides exceeds a total length of 330 CM.

Price charge

1. Hong Kong FedEx volume weight calculation formula: Length cm X width cm X height cm / 5000.
Cargo will be billed on volume weight or actual weight depending on which is the greater of the two.
To check the latest Hong Kong EMS rates to your country, please use the quote tool on our homepage at :
2. The PFCexpress’s website only provide the general freight of the HK FedEx, not including the surcharge.
3.Comparing to FEDEX, great discount will be given by HK FEDEX.

4.The price on the PFCexpress website doesn’t including the remote area surcharge, fuel surcharge,and other surcharges.


1.Remote area surcharge:
Parcels to remote area need surcharge.
Cost will be billed on 4RMB/KG*(1+the current fuel charge) or 80RMB*(1+current fuel charge) depending on which is the greater of the two.
The bill of HK FedEx will be as the criterion of the final remote area surcharge . Please mind that the bill of HK FedEx comes out very late. And the validity of the bill is one year.
The remote area can be searched from the official website of HK FedEx.
2.Fuel surcharge:
The fuel rate are based on the official HK FedEx. The PFCexpress will announce the official fuel rate of the HK FedEx at the end of each month and when the new rate become effective.
3.Change address: 75 yuan/parcel*(1+the current fuel charge)
Since the HK FedEx will send the bill of recipient’s changing address to the senders, so the final charge will depend on the bill of HK FedEx.
4.Residential delivery surcharge: 25 yuan/parcel*(1+the current fuel charge)
Parcels to America and Canada need to pay residential delivery surcharge since January 17th,2011.
And the final charge will depend on the bill of HK FedEx.

If the remote area surcharge has been charged, the residential delivery surcharge will not be charged.

FedEx tracking inquiries

1.Tracking website:
2. The PFCexpress will pack the objects of customers in the day they hand over to us. Customers can tracking the details from the FedEx official website in the second afternoon after he/she handing over to the PFCexpress. FedEx issue tracking details for parcels within 1-2 days of receipt of shipment and can be tracked in real time on the website listed below.
3.Both Fedex Priority and Fedex Economy can both be tracked at this website.
1) Visit the FedEx Web site: ;

2) Enter the shipment tracking number in the query box and a full list of shipment movements including signed for information will be  available.

Tariffs related

1. The tariff of the country of destinations will be as the criterion. (Usually the tariff of the high declared value parcels is much higher. But if the declared value is lower than the real value, it will cause higher penalty duty.)

2. The tariff produced in the destination country and the customs clearance fees usually need to be paid by the recipients. If the recipients refused to pay the tariff and the customs clearance fees in the limited time of the FedEx, the fee bill will be force to pay by the senders. And the specific fee bill will be subject to the FedEx’s notice or bill.

Settlement of claims

Hong Kong FedEx notice of claim time limit:
1. Damaged goods, delayed goods, part lost freight claims must be lodged with FedEx within 21 days.
2. Please note:
Undelivered claims for package compensation, must be received in writing or by email within the specified time limits and must include all relevant documents such as invoice, waybill and any photo's that illustrate the damage or loss caused within 9 months.

Please ensure all claims material arrives 2 days in advance of the deadline as the processing may take up to 2 working days.


The bill of FedEx will be as the criterion of freight charges caused by returning to HongKong. If the sender need to send the parcel back to ShenZhen, there will be additional charges and please consult our customers service about the specific charges.
1. The following outlines reasons for return of goods, for which the sender will bear the cost of return;
- 1) Incorrectly addressed packets, leading to failed delivery.
- 2) The receiver refuses to sign for the parcel.
- 3) The parcel contains items which are prohibited in the destination country.
- 4) Customs clearance is unsuccessful in the destination country and the local customs office return the parcel.
- 5) For any other reason involving the sender or recipient, which causes the parcel to be returned.
2. When the HK FedEx parcels are returned as the following reasons, the local country may choose the HK FedEx’s International priority express service to arrange the resending.
- 1) The recipients doesn’t finish the customs clearance in limited time according to the local customs requirements.
- 2) When the customs decide to return the parcel compulsorily, the parcel is returned when the customs verify that the parcel can not be entered.
- 3) Countries like Russia do not offer IE (international economy) service.
- 4) Flight problem (when the economic shipping space are full, the parcel will be sent back by IP )
- 5) Some other uncertain reasons.

- 6) The parcel will be returned by IP service in the above situation, and the PFCexpress will charge you according to the bills of FedEx.

Limited items

1. Aviation embargoed goods such as dangerous goods, liquids, powder, engine, battery, motor, etc.
2. State banned export goods such as antiques, precious metals, currency, and other prohibited products.
3. Documents declared over $100 and parcel declared over $50,000.

4. Any products within a battery or pure battery are not accepted.

Operation requirements

Uploading orders
1. Items description:
The actual name of the commodity and quantity must be declared in detail. Example: for products such as DVD or CD the exact nature of the content, the length and purpose of the material must be described. For clothing and textile items, the application, the elements and the weave must be described...Descriptions such as gift or sample are not acceptable.
2. The declared value:
An invoice stating the value of the shipment must be included when shipping with HK-FedEx . Declaring a low value may result in higher tarrifs and fines by your countries customs when they believe the value has been under declared. So we suggest to declare the actual value.
3. The recipients address:

HK FedEx does not accept PO BOX's as delivery addresses. A valid E-mail address along with the recipients phone number must be provided and all informations must be filled out in English.

Packing requirements
Please note that packing should be in good condition and not easy damaged, In addition to address label on the outside please try not to have any other logo, for fragile parcels it is to have a fragile symbol on the outside of the packaging, position the address label in a central position on the parcel, please package your parcels properly to avoid damage in transit.
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