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Most International Air Cargo shipments will need to be transferred to Hong Kong Airport to connect with international flights. Hong Kong International Airport provides direct connections to many cities around the world. panda logistics offers a global and cost effective solution to all of your air freight needs. Through a worldwide network spanning the four corners of the globe, our teams of cargo professionals provide global services and local expertise to ensure complete door-to-door transportation and smooth Customs clearance at all times. Our state-of-the-art technology and network of offices around the world allow total traceability and visibility of your shipments from the moment a job is booked until it is delivered at the final destination.

Third-Party Shipping
If you are based in point A and wish to send goods from point B to point C, panda logistics can easily make this third-party shipping and distribution happen for you.

Multi-Modal Transportation
panda logistics can avail various modes of transportation to get your shipment(s) delivered to the ultimate consignees. Being a Total Transportation Solutions provider, we can mix modes of shipping for your goods to reach home conveniently. Like air-sea, air-land, sea-land etc... Inter-modal transportation has proved to be a cost-effective and an innovative solution to certain product lines, with an outstanding service and delivery system to boot.

Special Services & Project Management
panda logistics will customize transportation solutions to cater to the requirements of any special needs or project that customers might have. In addition to offering the following special services:

International Air
Relevant parameters and standards Billing Weight Minimum 45KG billing weight, some of the routes require a minimum billing weight of 100KG (such as UPS Europe / AF Africa)
Cargo packaging and size By request of the airlines operations staff (such as in Shenzhen wooden boxes and crates must be covered by a plastic film on the outside.) For a full list please contact our customer service staff!
Volume weight information Volume weight calculation: the maximum width × high × most / 6000 CM

Acceptance state
More than 220 countries and regions Reference times
These vary depending on the port of destination and the different routes of the airlines route is different, please contact our sales team for full information.

The price will vary depending on the port of destination plus the weight and volume of the goods , please contact our sales team!

Check book requirements All shipping information and declarations must be completed accurately in English: E.G. recipients information, Description of goods, number of pieces, weight, cube, etc.

Customs Invoice (Single) Declaration / customs agents proxy statement / verification / contract / invoice / packing list (Customs Form / renewal slip / textile quota certificate, etc.)Special Certification / clearance information Branded goods, when shipping these goods you must provide a power of attorney from the Brand and a business license

Not allowed
Air embargoed or dangerous goods, liquids, powder,s etc.; Goods that are banned for export such as antiques, currency, and other products prohibited items!

1. Advisory prices: To get the most accurate and up to date pricing please contact our sales staff and provide them with the following information: customs data, number, weight, volume, product name, packaging, port of destination, import and export port, flight requirements, delivery time, etc.;

2. The transfer of goods requirements : Please contact our Air Sales staff for details of transfer of goods requirements.

3. Delivery delivery requirements
please inform our sales staff with details of goods including description, quantity, weight, company name and contact delivery mode, place of delivery.
Our staff will be happy to help you complete the transfer of goods declaration.
Our companies, Shenzhen air cargo warehouse receipt of goods times:
Monday to Friday :08:30-17: 30 20:00-00:00
Saturday, Sunday :08:30-16: 00
Please try the above delivery time, For delivery outside these hours, please contact the sales staff.

4. Panda Logistics (PFC) do not carry the following items:
1) Live animals or plants and animal products, (unless accompanied by quarantine certificates from recognised animal and plant quarantine stations)
2) Narcotic drugs unless accompanied by certificate issued by the Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau of Narcotics transport ;
3) Audio and video products ---- Unless issued with passes for the transport of audio-visual products issued by the Provincial Office of Social and Cultural Commission;
4) Any Canned liquids or factory produced powdered goods ---- unless you can prove the nature of the goods;
5) Seafood ---- seafood in different places needs different packaging;

Should you have any questions about any of our services please contact us at

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