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China Warehousing

China Warehousing

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Pick and Pack

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Delivery Service

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Why choose PFC?Why choose PFC?

  • PFC has 15,000 square meters professional e-commerce fulfillment centers at US, UK, Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia, and Shenzhen China.
  • Provide free management system, low labor and courier costs, FREE Warehousing for 90 Days
  • PFC order fulfillment center processes ten thousands of orders per day for customers in a wide variety of different business areas.
  • Relying on the refined management mode, powerful WMS warehouse management system and excellent customer service team, real-time synchronization of inventory and order status is realized.
  • PFC The self-developed logistics information system WMS and WRMS system meet our functions of e-commerce sellers, from order capture to address label printing, order return, online pickup, online financial accounting.
  • Our self-developed warehousing system is developed according to the world's leading cross-border e-commerce platform, Amazon function, to meet our customers' model of product establishment, SKU printing, product customization and multi-warehouse management.
  • PFC developed an international express service with advantage in both timeliness and price by integrating all express resources such as DHL、EMS、FEDEX、UPS、HONGKONG postal and so on,has priority handling rights at customs and aviation of various countries.
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    Delivery Services Delivery Services

    Delivery Services

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    Amazon plans new distribution center in Mexico

    Amazon is looking for land in central Mexico for a fourth distribution center in the region, acco

    PFC ship more international crowdfunding orders than others

    PFC ship more international crowdfunding orders than others
    We ship more international crowdfunding orders than any other logistics company Online, there are no borders. Crowdfunding democratized product development.PFC emocratizes crowdfunding fulfillment. Ship your rewards to backers without any h

    Ecommerce Product Releases: April 2, 2017

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    Outsource Call Center in China

    Outsource Call Center in China
    Pros of Call Center Offshore Outsourcing 1. Lower costs Proponents of offshore outsourcing claim that it significantly reduces or eliminates the costs associated with running a call center. When call center operational, infrastructure, over
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