Warehouse Fulfillment Service User GuideF.A.Q

Step 1: Register Account

Please register on our website’s homepage to get an account.


Then please login to access to our system for using our service.


Step 2: Open Warehouse Service

Please find “Fulfillment” < Open Service

Select “Shenzhen Warehouse(SZWH01) if you would like to use our China fulfillment service

Step 3: Create Product

Create Individual SKU: please fill in the required information as indicated as below. Different SKU should have different barcode, if the products did not have barcodes for themselves, please define barcode number for your products.You can ask your manufacturer or supplier print out from our system and paste on the products, if you need us to do that, price is 0.2 RMB/label.

Tips: please upload one image at least for each SKU in the system, which enable us to recognize the product we received is exactly the same as you uploaded.

Create SKUs in Batch: you can also use Batch Upload products function in the page for adding more products data at a time.

Edit product : if you want to change info for SKU, please click “update” and submit again.

Print barcode: please select the SKU < click “Print SKU” < enter the QTY and print.

The default size is 5*2cm, please leave enough space on your

product to paste the label smoothly and enable us to scan the barcode successfully.

Step 4: Create ASN

After confirm that the products are ready to send to us, you are required to create ASN(advanced shipping notice) to notify us of your incoming stock.

It is available to manually add products and batch adding products.

Please input the QTY of the selected SKU that you would like to send to our warehouse and submit it.

Print ASN: check it on “ASN List” and click “Print” button.

Paste ASN list: please put the packing list inside the cartons and paste our warehouse address on the outer cartons which enable us to recognize your goods from other customers.

Check Stock list: after our warehouse receive your products and finish putting them on shelves, you can check stock list and your inventory status at real time when your orders shipped.

Step 5: Create Order

Manually create order: Create Order < Add Product

Batch upload orders: you also could batch upload order if you have more orders at one time to be processed.Download a template and fill in the excel then upload it to our system.

When fill in the batch upload template for the orders, please input different reference number for different orders as we could combine the ones with same reference number as one order with multiple SKUs.

Tips: you may also choose to transmit orders to our system by connecting with our system via Web Service API. We have integrated with Shopify, Wish, Amazon, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, etc. Please check “Store-API” to find them.

Submit order and check order list: after you submit your orders, you can check order status at “Fulfillment Order List”accordingly.

Our warehouse staff will pick & pack the order under processing status according to submitted time. Finally your orders are shipped out from our warehouse.

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