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Hong Kong UPS express mail and courier services are available from China with PFC!

UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized brands in the world. They have become the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Every day, they manage the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.PFC express is the HKUPS level 1 partner with low price and fast service. It is the best choice for your international express.

Service advantages

1. Range: service covers 220 countries and areas.
2. Price: 20%-60% discount of the official price of HKUPS and TWUPS.
3. Time: 2-5 working days

4. Tracking: online tracking the details of the parcel’s sending information.

Price, surcharge, tariff

1.To check the latest UPS Hong Kong rates to your country please use the quote tool on our homepage at : (the price is 20%-60% of the UPS’s official price)
2. HKUPS volume weight calculation formula: long cm X wide cm X high cm / 5000. Cargo will be billed on volume weight or actual weight depending on which is the greater of the two.
3. Remote area surcharge:
UPS remote areas surcharge: When the recipient address is covered under UPS Postal service area in remote areas (refer to UPS remote area look-up table), this fee will be charged to the sender; fees are: 3.5RMB/KG*(1+the current fuel charge). The minimum charge is 171RMB*(1+current fuel charge).
4. Surcharge
The surcharge for changing of address: Hong Kong UPS $ 77 per change, with the maximum fee of HK $ 273 yuan per Shipment.
5. The surcharge for tariff of the destination is 125RMB per shipment.

6. The tariff of the destination countries will be as the criterion. (Usually the tariff of the high declared value parcels is much higher. But if the declared value is lower than the real value, it will cause higher penalty duty. And if the recipient refuses to pay the tariff, the tariff will automatically turn to senders. And the fees will be deducted from the senders account. )

Reference time

Delivery time
Between 2 to 5 working days (reference delivery times provided by HK UPS and may vary depending on the destination country)

If it comes to the irresistible reasons like customs inspection, the delivery time will depend on the customs release time.

UPS Tracking
Tracking website:
Volume and weight limits

To check the latest UPS Hong Kong rates to your country please use the quote tool on our homepage at :
1. Additional procedures service fee: 40RMB - UPS will charge for each parcel that is subject to this surcharge, examples bellow.
(1) Shipments packed in metal shipping containers or wooden crates.
(2) Failure to complete correct packaging of goods in corrugated cylindrical packaging such as drums, pails, or tire.
(3) the longest side of the second length over 152 cm or the length of the longest side over 76 cm package.
(4) any single piece of cargo weighing more than 32 kg (charge weight).
2. Exceeds the maximum limit surcharge: 388RMB for each item, UPS weight and size limits are as follows:
(1) Any parcel of the longest side (length) over 270 cm;
(2) any parcel with measurements of ie: ((width + height) * 2 + L) over 419 cm;
(3) any parcel weighing over 70 kilograms.
3. Large parcel surcharge: 388RMB for each item, the fee for the new additions: When the package specifications: 330mm = < length +2 * width + 2 * height <= 419mm, weight> = 40kg, then the UPS will charge a surcharge of large parcels, but the procedure will not be charged a surcharge.

4. All above conditions are accumulated addition fees.

Forbidden items

Fake brand, aerosol cans, alcohol liquids, asbestos, butane lighter, medical waste, toxicity items, corrosive, funny money, drugs, drikold, flammables and explosives, obscene goods, overproof magnetic items, oxidizing material, organic peroxides, arms and ammunition, solubleness paint coating, and any other postal items forbidden by local law .

Limited items

Aviation embargoed goods such as dangerous goods, liquids, powder, engine, battery, motor, guns for sports, medicine for emergency or scientific research, underproof magnetic items, perishable products, radioactive substances etc.

State banned export goods such as antiques, precious metals, currency, and other prohibited products. Any products within a battery or pure battery are not accepted.

Settlement of claims

If a package is lost or damaged, please inform UPS within 3 days and after verification by UPS the maximum amount of not more than 100 USD is payable. UPS does not bear any responsibility for good that are lost due to customs inspections or seizures.UPS also recommends that the parcel should be insured if the value is above 100 USD.

Customers’ order system operation

1. Uploading orders/ print address label
2. Freight mode select

3. Recipient’s name, country, address, postcode, telephone number, freight way, item description, quantity, and declared value must be uploaded. And all the informations must be filled in English.

Packing requirements:

1. The address label from PFCexpress logistics system must be labeled in the middle of the parcel.

2. We emphasize that the bubble envelope with PFCexpress’s printing HK address, franchise account, customs declaration and aviation labeled is only adapted to air post and register air post of HK post. This kind of bubble envelope can not be used to central Europe express parcel. And we can offer blank bubble envelope. If you need please contact our customer representatives. You can also buy package material without correlated printing on the surface by yourself.

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