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Why is Ireland a good location for Order Fulfillment?
  • Ireland offers a barrier free access to over 500 million consumers within Europe
  • Ireland’s geographic position, easy transport links to Europe, the U.S. & Middle East; and membership of the E.U. and Eurozone, ensure easy access across the globe
  • Ireland has a very stable Government and Economy (Economic growth of 8.3% in 2018).
  • With the United Kingdom leaving the EU (Brexit) Ireland is the only country in Europe where English is its main language.


We offer a full suite of order fulfilment services for international online retailers from our Ireland warehouse.

Including: Inventory storage, Pick & pack, Packaging, Delivery, Kitting, Subscription fulfilment, Crowd funding projects, Light assembly and Cloud based warehouse and order management software.

We can take you inventory from anywhere in the world and bring it to our warehouse here in Ireland while taking care of all the bits in the middle such customs, paperwork etc….

Receiving stock and checking products into inventory.

PFC Fulfilment specialises in eCommerce order fulfilment for fast-moving consumer brands.
The first step in the Order Fulfilment process is Goods-inwards. Inbound shipments are received at our Fulfillment warehouse directly from your suppliers. Each shipment is checked, verified and logged into our dedicated cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS).
When you choose PFC as your order fulfilment partner, you’ll gain access to our unique WMS – our cloud-based order fulfilment software. This enables you to manage the entire goods in process, from start to finish. As such, you’ll benefit from a pay-as-you-use pricing model, real-time stock visibility, with fast and affordable international shipping


Put Away – When products are checked-in they are given a unique location (Pick face) and placed on a shelf awaiting Order Fulfilment, Kitting, Pick and Pack before being shipped to your customer.


Handling order fulfilment for your customer orders.

When your inventory is stocked at our warehouse, PFC Fulfilment is ready to process your customers’ orders. The first step is to automate the ordering process whereby our WMS is connected to your online store and other selling platforms using API technology!


Pick and pack is a critical step in the order fulfilment process.
Firstly, all items in a customer’s order are collected (picked) from their unique location, after which, each item is put in appropriate tote, verified and finally packed, ready for shipping to your customer.

PFC pick and pack fulfilment service - Verification Station

Speed and accuracy during this process has a big impact on your customer experience. If orders arrive late, damaged or contain the wrong items, your customers are less likely to recommend or return to buy from you again.

Fortunately, the PFC pick and pack fulfilment service is here to help. Our Software integrates with your online store to automatically receive orders. We then pick, pack and ship 98.5% of orders on the same day, with 99% accuracy.

Our cloud-based warehouse management software (WMS) pulls down your customer orders directly from shopping carts and 3rd party ecommerce platforms. This automated integration occurs seamlessly, meaning that we receive every order soon after it’s purchased by your customer. The benefit is that your Orders don’t have to wait for you or your staff to receive, review, and forward orders to PFC Fulfilment for pick and pack, kitting and shipping.

Our end-to-end integration is fast, efficient and secure. We can also accept orders via email if required. As a customer you have your own login credentials to our WMS to view your dashboard where you can see inventory, order fulfilment status and customer orders in transit.

Picking products for your customer orders.

Order fulfillment is the process that takes place from receipt of a customer order through to delivery.

The order information is routed to our fulfilment warehouse or via our WMS. A pick sheet is then generated with a unique ID. Each product matching the order pick sheet is then located and confirmed using our Data collection scanners and placed in a tote. A completed tote is then queued for Verification.
The Verification process involves a second operative who scans each product and corresponding order and product bar code(s) to validate that the pick is correct.

Once verified orders are packed and labeled awaiting shipping. Your preferred carrier is chosen and when the driver collects orders at the end of the day an automated email is sent to your customer with tracking code.
Special requirements or instructions such as promotion inserts, gift wrapping or branded packing take place at the packing station.
Our PFC Fulfilment Warehouse Management Software and validation process ensures a very high degree of accuracy so that the correct products arrive with your customers, on time every time.



Additional services to enhance your brand, your products and customer experience

PFC is not just a supply chain partner but rather an extension of your company and your brand. Our business grows when your business grows. With almost 10 years of experience in ecommerce fulfilment, we understand your business needs.

We are always exploring new ways where we can offer bespoke services to will help you grow.

Why not Contact us today, we would be delighted to be part of your success story.

Some of the solutions we offer:

Labelling & boxing of products

Barcoding or Re-barcoding products

Custom packing solutions

Pre-assembly of kits

Sourcing custom packaging or materials

Promotional material inserts

Presentation / branded packaging

Box assembly

Assembling kits for monthly subscriptions

Promotional campaigns

Re-packaging products


ECOMMERCE RETURNS We take care of your customer returns.


We take care of your customer returns.

Returns are an issue for every online retailer, and some sectors more than others.
Returns or reverse logistics are an opportunity for a brand to showcase excellent customer service, reducing customer churn while improving customer retention. PFC Fulfilment can take care of this for you.
What happens to your returns is up to you…whether re-stocked, clearance sale or disposal. The PFC team will follow your preferred course of action.


Receipt of Goods: Returned goods are received at our warehouse in Ireland via the return address that you provide your customers for unwanted products or orders.
Quality Assessment of Returned Products: Each product is individually inspected to evaluate resale condition of the product before re-stocking.
Packing & Re-Stock: Those products that have passed return inspection process are booked back into your inventory via our WMS.
Failure: Our Customer Care team will contact you when products do not meet re-stocking criteria. Images are shared to determine next best action.



PFC Fulfilment is an Irish/Chinese owned Order Fulfilment Centre based in Shenzhen China, with overseas warehouses located in the UK, USA, Germany, Ireland and strategic locations around the world.
We operate out of a state-of-the-art Irish facility which has 100,000 square feet of racking space. Our operation, underpinned by our People, Process and Technology, enables us to seamlessly handle on-demand order processing for a range of customers.
As such, we manage every aspect of order fulfilment for our clients; such as storage, 3PL Stock Control, Order Fulfilment, Ecommerce pick and pack, kitting, Order Processing and shipping.




Get set up in less than 24 hours with our easy integrations with popular shopping carts.

We are directly integrated with the world’s leading shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. You can connect to us in minutes. Alternatively, use our API’s and connect to any platform and never have to manually transfer files again.
PFC integrates with the leading third-party shopping carts and Marketplaces to automate your Ecommerce order processing - fulfilment, kitting, pick and pack and shipping. So whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento, we’ve got you covered. This streamlining of your Ecommerce channels means you’re free to focus on your online retailing. Because with PFC Fulfilment, we help you get back to doing what you do best – growing your business.

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