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A Brief Introduction of EUEXP
EUEXP is a door-to-door express service including China-HK transportation, freight and sending parcels in local Europe. It’s 4-12 working days to delivery effectively to 30 countries in Europe which is suitable for high-value goods.
4-12 working days
Volume and weight limit
1.weight limit:
parcels weight <=30kg
2.volume limit:
The maxim: length+2*width+2*height<=300cm. The maxim length <=150cm
1. Website:
volume weight calculation formula: long cm X wide cm X high cm / 6000.
Cargo will be billed on volume weight or actual weight depending on which is the greater of the two.
2. Surcharge: parcels to the cities of UK with a zip code like :IV、 HS、KA27-28、KW、PA20-49、PA60-78、PH17-26、PH30-44、 PH49-50、ZE、BT、IM, TR21-25 will be charged remote area surcharge.
Please remember to check if it’s remote area.
Tracking website:
Tariffs, VAT charges and clearance fee
1.VAT charges
VAT and Duty
1) Parcels with a declared value above 15 GBP, are liable to the imposition of VAT at the rate of 20% of the declared value.
2) Parcels with a declared value above 135 GBP, are liable to the imposition of VAT at the rate of 20% of the parcel’s declared value and tariffs.
2. VAT and Duty payment
- A. VAT:We will charge you the VAT and freight fees when the parcel’s declared value achieves the VAT rate after customers choosing RM1 or RM1R.
- B. Duty: If the parcel needs tariffs in UK, we will charge the fee on behalf of UK customs.
3. If the parcels are of the same recipient, the declared value should be the total value.
4. We do not accept parcel with declared value over 135GBP for the moment.
Settlements of claims
1. Parcels are lost before recorded on the internet and if the parcels can’t be checked on the internet after 6 working days after applying for 2days, we will compensate the declared value after we confirm the lost. And the highest compensation is 1000 including freight fee and declared value.
2. Parcels are lost after they are uploaded to the logistics system. For the parcel<=15kg, the highest compensation is 400RMB.
For 15k< the parcel<=30kg, the highest compensation is 1200RMB.
The highest compensation will not overcome the declared value without considering the weight. And the parcels are damaged during the transportation will not be compensated like this.
3. The compensation is designed for the items declared value which means the freight fee will not be included. If the parcels are confirmed lost, there will be compensation 30 days. When you apply for the compensation, you must offer the cost invoice which should be the same as the declared value. And the English name of commodity must be offered.
Please ensure all claims material arrives 2 days in advance of the deadline as the processing may take up to 2 working days.
2 months after customer’s applying, the PFC will compensate under any circumstances.
Return service
1. Returning parcel’s handling:
the parcels will be first returned to UK then to PFC in Shenzhen. Our customer representative will inform the customers and ask if the parcel needs to be returned or resent. The resending fee is standard freight fee +40RMB/shipment. And about the returning fee, please ask the customer representatives.The parcels will be returned according to the ID of customers which means the identifiable parcel will be dealt first. And when it comes to the unidentifiable parcel, the parcel will be checked the information by customer service and uploading to the website for customers to claim.
2. The changing address service
We offer the changing address service before the parcel arrives at the UK. And we will charge the different price of the freight +40RMB/shipment.
Limited items
Aviation embargoed goods such as dangerous goods, liquids, powder, engine, battery, motor, guns for sports, medicine for emergency or scientific research, underproof magnetic items, perishable products, radioactive substances etc.
State banned export goods such as antiques, precious metals, currency, and other prohibited products. Any products within a battery or pure battery are not accepted.
Uploading orders
The register post shipping code is EUEXP.
Customers only need to paste the address label from PFC logistic system in the middle of the parcel.
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