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In this fast moving market, where product life cycle is becoming shorter and customers have variety of brands to choose from, time-to-market is extremely important and will determine a company's success.

PFC Supply Chain Services (SCS) provides end-to-end supply chain services to OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ODM's (Original Design Manufacturers), EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service providers) and electronic component manufacturers, enabling them to optimize their supply chains.

As a global distributor, our broad linecards offer customers a "one-stop-shop" experience for their design and supply chain needs. The expertise and tools used by our Supply Chain Team allow you to decrease your total cost of material acquisition, maximize your working capital yet enjoy flexibility of material availability thus, maximizing your market share and profitability. Our global warehousing and satellite logistics footprint also allows availability of stock at proximity.

Our main supply chain offerings include:
- Vendor Managed Inventory where Avnet buffers and manages the material from its warehouse
- Consignment Program where Avnet places a buffer on-site at customers' locations or at appointed 3PL. The ownership is only transferred upon customers' consumption.
- Inplant Store where Avnet places a buffer as well as Avnet personnel on-site

The process:
- Sourcing and procurement, one-stop-shopping for semiconductors and IP&E components
- Forecast management
- Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or consignment inventory
- Bonded inventory
- Logistics services
- Materials kitting
- Bar code labeling
- E-Commerce B2B solutions
Strengths and uniqueness:
-  Dedicated sourcing and procurement team for non-franchise product sourcing and order processing
- Dedicated material planners to process customer's MRP and VMI services
- Offer custom clearance and door-to-door delivery service
- Support supply chain services in multiple locations/countries
- Support transaction in local currency
- Well equipped computer-aided material planner tools
- Reduce total cost of ownership
- Flexibility and customization
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