How to choose Amazon FBA first leg logistics? FBA first leg notes

1. Amazon FBA first leg logistics options Buyers will be more inclined to products shipped

Under the COD cross-border e-commerce operation model: how to reduce the rejection rate or increase the receipt rate?

Recently, many small and medium-sized enterprises have seen that the COD model (Cash On Delivery)

DHL adjusts India's development strategy to strengthen aviation and courier services

As an emerging market with great potential, DPDHL has always attached importance to the Indian ma

The lowest threshold for Malaysian tariffs

Malaysia Customs Tariff Inquiry Malaysia (APCE member)

E-commerce Trends For Year 2020

The E-commerce revolution is growing at a rapid pace and shows no sign of slowing down.  Not

PFC Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Customers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The Christmas and N
PFC Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Amazon will update logistics FBA and sales commission fees in 2020

Amazon recently announced that it will change the fees for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and sales

Canada Shopify acquired warehousing and fulfillment company 6RiverSystems

Shopify, a multi-channel business technology platform in Canada, recently announced that it has r

Amazon opens new logistics center in Australia and puts into operation at the end of this year.

Amazon recently said it is currently opening a new logistics center in Perth, the capital of West

DPD Group acquires majority stake of Lenton Holding Group

Recently, DPD Group announced that it has obtained a majority stake of Lenton Holding Group Co.,

Amazon announces free delivery of groceries to Prime members in the United States

According to foreign media reports, Amazon recently announced that it will provide free grocery d

DHL Germany branch launches QR code mobile return service for businesses and consumers

Recently, DHL Parcels Germany branch launched a mobile return service based on QR code to simplif

Amazon's new low-cost customized ground transportation service

According to foreign media reports recently, Amazon is providing customized ground parcel transpo

UPS Promotes Personal Goods Storage Service Digging $38 Billion Market

Recently, United Parcel Service(UPS) launched the "Storage on Demand" innovation service to tempo

How To Prepare Your Store For Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an amazing opportunity for your ecommerce business to make money!
How To Prepare Your Store For Black Friday/Cyber Monday

From January 1st 2020, more states in USA will begin to levy Internet sales tax

According to received information that from January 1, 2020, eBay will collect Internet Sales Tax

Ireland Post launches new processing centre, parcels shift from manual to 90% automated

Recently, Ireland Post officially opened a new parcel hub in Dublin with a cost of 15 million eur

UK Express company employees plan strike on Christmas

Due to salary issues, employees of United Parcel Service UK Barton plan to hold a 15-day strike b

U.S. to Impose up to 100% Tariffs on more EU products

The US Consumer News and Business Channel recently reported that the United States is considering

Amazon is going to lay out Polish end market

The strength of Amazon's end, especially its own logistics, cannot be underestimated. Today, the

DHL International Express will increase freight rate from January 2020!

It is reported that DHL Express recently announced that starting in January next year, the compan

DHL will install another 3,000 self-service parcel lockers in Germany within three years

According to recent reports from foreign media, DHL will install another 3,000 self-service parce

Amazon once again expands the delivery service - thousands of items are delivered free of charge the next day

Consumers can choose to safely send their holiday orders to self-service lockers in more than 900 cities and towns across the United States, including Full Food supermarkets; or choose thousands of central counter points in Amazon's partner stores to collect packages, including Staff at the Rite Aid, GNC, Stage and Health Mart stores receive areas. There is no extra charge

eBay SpeedPAK Logistics Management Solution Usage Policy Update

Recently, eBay released the "SpeedPAK Logistics Management Solution Usage Policy Update" announce

Differences between FBA and overseas warehouse

FBA, which is Fulfillment by Amazon, means that the sellers send the products sold on Amazon to t

“given the obstacles in logistics, is it a good idea to do business on MENA e-commerce platforms ?”Question for Chinese sellers on Souq&Noon

When most of the cross-border e-commerce operators focus on the US, European, and Southeast Asian

Cross Border Logistics

It is critical to have a good shipping, warehousing, and China fulfillment solution to do success
Cross Border Logistics

Amazon plans new distribution center in Mexico

Amazon is looking for land in central Mexico for a fourth distribution center in the region, acco
Amazon plans new distribution center in Mexico

PFC ship more international crowdfunding orders than others

We ship more international crowdfunding orders than any other logistics company Online, there are no borders. Crowdfunding democratized product development.PFC emocratizes crowdfunding fulfillment. Ship your rewards to backers without any h
PFC ship more international crowdfunding orders than others

Ecommerce Product Releases: April 2, 2017

SmarterHQ expands product recommendation capabilities . SmarterHQ, a multichannel behavioral marketing platform, announced the expansion of its SmarterHQ recommendations capabilities. The companys latest update generates product recommendat

Outsource Call Center in China

Pros of Call Center Offshore Outsourcing 1. Lower costs Proponents of offshore outsourcing claim that it significantly reduces or eliminates the costs associated with running a call center. When call center operational, infrastructure, over
Outsource Call Center in China

Ecommerce Packing Tips That Will Please Customers

An online retail transaction is complete only when the shipment arrives safely at the customers door. No amount of website design, creative marketing, and friendly personnel will matter to your customer if that customers order shows up mang
Ecommerce Packing Tips That Will Please Customers

Maximize holiday promotions for Your Shop

The critical holiday selling season is almost here. Here are five items that Im focusing on to get the most of my holiday marketing activities. Offer coupons for additional info . Offer shopping coupons for street addresses, updated informa

PFC Advantages for Fulfuillment Service

Reduce Operating Expenses There a few ways an online retail business might work with third-party fulfillment services, including simply replacing the retailers own warehouse. While each retailers situation will be unique, using a service co

Kitting Services

Ship My Orders also offers kitting services: On-Demand Kit Assembly : Kitting of Educational Materials Assembly of point-of-purchase kits Light Assemble Re-labeling Projects Promotional Kitting Custom packing Direct marketing campaigns Pre-
Kitting Services

Outsource Call Center

Ship My Orders can also help you on the front end witha fulfillmentcall center. We offer inbound phone, email and chatsupport from 9am-5pm PST THE ADVANTAGE OF CALL CENTER OUTSOURCE Because we store and ship your merchandise we are your ide

How Ecommerce Sellers Avoid Expensive Shipping Mistakes

Ecommerce shipping mistakes like choosing the wrong service level, using too much packaging, or even not researching what it will cost to ship a given product can cost online retailers money. Fortunately, most, if not all, ecommerce shippin
How Ecommerce Sellers Avoid Expensive Shipping Mistakes

Free Shipping, Free Returns Critical for Online Shoppers

Online shoppers want free shipping, free returns, on-time delivery, and accuracy. Internet retailers that deliver on these consumer desires may earn loyal customers and gain a competitive advantage. Order fulfillment the act of packing prod
Free Shipping, Free Returns Critical for Online Shoppers

Fulfill Drop Shipping Orders

What is the turnaround time for fulfilling a drop shipped order? This will vary based on the quality of the supplier, and their location. Most decent suppliers should be able to process, pack and ship out an order the same-day if its receiv

What's the Process of Fulfillment Orders Worldwide

Fulfillment requires three major data integrations between the retailer and the supplier: product catalog, inventory, and orders. It all culminates with fulfillment and shipment from the supplier to the end consumer. To recap the major data
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