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PFC Express is a professional shipping agent which specializes in providing international delivery services from China to United Kingdom. We offer a variety of high-quality shipping methods from China to United Kingdom with the most cost-effective shipping rates. PFC Express can provide thoughtful and satisfactory delivery services from China to United Kingdom for all kinds of customers from ecommerce enterprise to individuals.

There is no need to worry about the shipping progress. PFC has conducted contract transportation arrangements with big express airlines, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other airlines. This guarantees our delivery time and favorable shipping rates.

Advantages of using PFC


Concentrate on target markets and have a thorough knowledge of the international shipping markets. Pay more attention to standardization and systematization to decrease shipping costs while maintaining service quality.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Concluded contract transportation arrangements with big express airlines, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other airlines. Improving working practices and productivity on a continuous basis to achieve reduced maintenance costs. We provide door to door shipping from China at a cheap cost.


Centralized logistics solutions, operation processes, and freight management mean that we can act efficiently while maintaining flexibility at the quality service level. The concentration is maintaining standardization first.


Our self-developed warehouse fulfillment system helps you to manage your international order at ease with 100% online paperless service, monitoring, and tracking.

Customs clearance Service

We provide tax prepaid service for express shipping with FedEx, DHL and UPS to most countries. Please contact us for more detailed quotes if interested.

Wide Coverage

We has integrated with more than 200 delivery methods around the world. There are storage facilities in China, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia etc.

Highly Trained Team

We place a high value on job rotation and offer ongoing systematized training to all employees. Quick and efficient summary and replay to ensure they can supply you with world-class facilities. Ship from China with us and stay relaxed all the way.


Professionalism breeds greatness because we want our employees to have specialized skills and experience in their roles and responsibilities. Always have precise context and the best guidance for your express shipping needs.

Estimated quote for sending parcels from China to United Kingdom

Shipping methodChargeable WeightReference feeFuel surchargeReference delivery timeWith battery?
YODEL-UK1 KG$ 9.08 $ 0 5-7 weekdayYES
SZFEDEX-IP1 KG$ 20.52 $ 5.0 2-5 weekdayYES
HKDHL1 KG$ 23.54 $ 6.1 3-6 weekdayYES
FedExCn-IE1 KG$ 33.46 $ 8.2 3-5 weekdayYES
FedExCn-IP1 KG$ 56.83 $ 13.9 2-3 weekdayYES
DGEUB1 KG$ 10.30 $ 0 7-22 weekdayYES
CZUK1 KG$ 7.38 $ 0 3-7 weekdayYES
CNRPOST-SZ1 KG$ 11.85 $ 0 10-30 weekdayYES
PFCEXPRESS1 KG$ 7.38 $ 0 7-16 weekdayYES
HKUPS-F1 KG$ 22.83 $ 6.3 6-10 weekdayYES
PFCBA1 KG$ 16.92 $ 0 5-15 weekdayYES
HKDHLX1 KG$ 23.58 $ 6.1 3-5 weekdayYES
PFCBL1 KG$ 14.77 $ 0 7-12 weekdayYES
UKDPD1 KG$ 10.42 $ 0 weekdayYES
UK-HERMES1 KG$ 1.85 $ .2 weekdayYES
ETK1 KG$ 24.71 $ 0 7-15 weekdayYES
YODELEX1 KG$ 8.92 $ 0 8-10 weekdayYES
PFCTM1 KG$ 13.08 $ 0 8-15 weekdayYES
DE#DHL1 KG$ 1.85 $ .2 weekdayYES
SZFED-PAK1 KG$ 21.72 $ 6.4 3-5 weekdayYES
PFCGL1 KG$ 9.08 $ 0 6-10 weekdayYES
EURPOST1 KG$ 12.77 $ 0 11-19 weekdayYES
HKDHL-BA1 KG$ 22.25 $ 5.7 3-5 weekdayYES
PFCPL1 KG$ 29.54 $ 0 15-25 weekdayYES
NLRPOST1 KG$ 12.46 $ 0 9-25 weekdayYES
CNAPOST-SZ1 KG$ 12.77 $ 0 10-30 weekdayNO
GBEXPRESS1 KG$ 15.23 $ 0 5-7 weekdayYES
NLAPOST1 KG$ 12.62 $ 0 10-30 weekdayNO
SZEUB1 KG$ 10.20 $ 0 7-22 weekdayYES
SZEUB-BA1 KG$ 12.55 $ 0 7-22 weekdayYES
HKFEDEXIP-C1 KG$ 31.85 $ 7.8 4-6 weekdayYES
HKUPS1 KG$ 33.92 $ 9.3 3-5 weekdayYES


The quote and delivery time are for reference only. Pls contact us online customer support with your product details for tailored quotes.

4 steps for sending parcels from China to United Kingdom with PFC

  1. Register an account at PFC website
  2. Place an order online with all the essential info
  3. Hand over the products to PFC Express
  4. Pay the fees to ship the packages out

Prohibited & restricted items

Remark : If your package to United Kingdom contains one of the following items, please contact our PFC customer service staff directly.
Some of those items are restricted or even totally prohibited, it is important to avoid such shipment to prevent from troubles.

Drug Contraband











Counterfeit Notes







China Warehousing
Order Fulfillment

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Shipping from China to United Kingdom The Order management reminders

1. Item description

When declaring the product name, you need to fill in the actual product name and quantity. Declaring as Gifts or samples are not accepted.

2. Declared value

There is no requirement for the declared value, the customer can decide the amount to be filled in, and it is recommended to declare according to the actual declared value of the goods to avoid high tariffs and fines.

3. Recipient address

PO BOX email addresses are not accepted, the recipient's phone number must be provided, the above information should be filled in in English, and other languages will not work.

Shipping from China to United Kingdom The Requirements for sending battery related items

1. Lithium batteries do not need box-in-box packaging, but each battery needs to be packed with anti-static packaging or foam bags and then put into a carton. Keep one battery in one cell, with the single carton weight be less than 25KG.

2. The battery is not limited to the model. The outer box is required to be clean and tough, no ears can be cut, no yellow tape can be used, and one side can be not be smaller than 2/3 of A4 paper.

3. Dry batteries need honeycomb separator or compressed version packaging, and lithium battery packaging can also be used.

4. Outer carton packaging: no yellow tape, no ears can be cut, the carton is tough, neat and clean.

Shipping from China to United Kingdom The About tax

1. The tax is based on the verified value of the customs. Generally, the high-declared items are more likely to get high tax. But if you under-declare the value and be found out by the customs, a fine tax will be applied.

2. The duties and customs clearance fees incurred at the destination are generally paid by the recipient. If  the recipient refuses to pay within the processing time specified by FedEx, this fee will be forced to be transferred to the sender. The fees paid by the person and the specific charges will be subject to the notice of the courier customer service or the courier bill.

Shipping from China to United Kingdom The Prohibited items

1. Dangerous goods, liquids, powders, etc., which are prohibited by air. The country expressly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, currency and other infringing products.

2. Items that require additional information

When sending batteries and items containing batteries, MSDS certificates and battery letters (original copies are required) are required (please contact customer service if necessary)

Mailing brand-name products requires a formal purchase invoice or authorization letter.

3. Products such as motors and engines cannot be sent.

Shipping from China to United Kingdom The Shipping requirements

1. Please create order in advance at the PFC system, attach the invoice (3 sheets) and shipping label (1 sheet) when handing over the products to our warehouse.

2. It’s recommend to place fragile item reminders if the products are fragile itself, but do not attach any irrelevant stickers or tags;

3. Fill in the order information correctly in English. Pls declare with detailed product name, and avoid using words such as Gift and Sample;

4. Order information can be uploaded in batches using Excel, or synced through API.

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