Please attention to Southeast Asia Channel cut-off time before CNYNotifications

Dear Valued Customers,

Please attention to our Southeast Asia Channels and partial Middle East Countries Channels cut-off time before Chinese New Year holiday as below:

Northern Vietnam Land transport: cut-off time on January 29

South Vietnam Land Transport: cut-off time on January 22

Cambodia land transport line: cut-off time on January 28

Singapore Special Line & Singapore COD& Malaysia Special Line & Malaysia COD& Philippines COD: cut-off time on February 3

Thailand Land Cargo & Thailand Sea Cargo: cut-off time on January 30

Philippine Air Line: cut-off time on February 3

Indonesia Air Line: cut-off time on February 2

Middle East FBA Air freight: cut-off time on February 4 

Middle East Air bulk cargo: cut-off time  on February 5

Taiwan Special Line & Taiwan COD: cut-off time  on February 2

Taiwan Air cargo: cut-off time on February 3

2024-01-19 1028

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