Singapore warehouseSingapore warehouse

Singapore warehouse

Why choose PFCEXPRESS Singapore warehouse service?

1、PFCEXPRESS Singapore e-commerce warehouse allows customers to focus on the development and innovation of core businesses without having to worry about warehouse management.

2、Reduce operating costs:Customers do not need to set up their own warehouses to save warehouse rent, warehouse management fees and human resource costs.  They can choose the types of warehouse size and product management according to the business situation in the off season and peak season, so as to improve the net profit of products.  There is no need to worry about high human resource costs and the cost of idle storage space, and reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance and the overall operating cost.

3、PFCEXPRESS Singapore Overseas Warehouse adopts an advanced management mode, and has a professional warehouse and logistics management team, which can provide accurate and reasonable solutions for e-commerce enterprises and warehousing service companies.

4、The powerful overseas warehouse system independently developed by us has realized the real-time synchronization of inventory and order status, greatly reducing the return and exchange rate of buyers, express disputes and other issues, thus maximizing the buyer's shopping experience.

5、Our warehouse management system interfaces with shopify, aliexpress, amazon, lazada, shopee, ebay and other platforms. It can automatically pull orders from the Internet without manually making order forms and importing, which brings great operation convenience to sellers, improves order processing and audit efficiency, and greatly reduces order error rate.

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