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We offer pickup service for customers whose suppliers are located in Shenzhen within our pickup range. The pickup service is free if the package weight has meet our minumin requirement. Please send your detailed address in Chinese to your account manager to check the eiligibility. 

1. Pickup time

Monday to Friday: 16:00 - 21:00

Saturday: no service

Sunday: 16:00 - 21:00 (please schedule before 13:00 on Saturday)

2. Pickup range

Luohu District, Nanshan District, Futian District, Longhua District - All areas except those listed in out-of-service areas

Baoan District - Baoan Center City, Xixiang, Fuyong

Longgang District - Bantian, Buji, Henggang

3. Out-of-service areas:

Shekou in Nanshan District, Pingdi in Longgang District, Yantian District

4. Pickup surcharge

Package weight Surcharge Applicable areas
Is or above 10kg Free Luohu District, Nanshan District, Futian District, Longhua District, Bantian and Buji in Longgang District
Below 10kg 18RMB per time
Is or above 100kg
Free Baoan Center City, Xixiang, Fuyong in Baoan District
Below 100kg
No service
Is or above 50kg
Free Henggang in Longgang District
Below 50kg 18RMB per time

5. Schedule pickup

When you have confirmed with your account manager with approved pickup eligibility, you can now schedule your pickup request in our system for both your drop shipping and warehouse fulfilment products as long as they have met our minium package weight.

1. Go to [Order Manage] > [Pick Up Manage] > [Schedule Pickup];

2. Select CNSZ in the Country column;

3. Enter Guangdong in the Province/State column;

4. Enter Shenzhen in the City column;

5. Enter the detailed pickup address (please write in Chinese);

6. Enter contact person and phone number;

7. Select the access method and pickup type as agreed with your account manager;

8. Select expected pickup time;

9. Enter postal parcel weight and total quantity if you selected pickup by driver, or;

10. Enter express parcel weight and total quantity if you selected pickup by domestic express shipping;

11. Enter your remark when necessary;

12. Add packaging material when necessary;

13. Click [Submit].

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