The proper storage and management of your inventory ensures that delivery times are met and costs are reduced.

? Warehouse space totaling over 300,000 sq.ft of storage

? Scalable warehousing to suit your needs – Only pay for the space you use!

Goods In

You can either arrange for your stock to be delivered directly to our warehouse by your supplier or we can arrange collection for you throughout Mainland China.

Our warehouse can receive pallets, full-containers and large bulky orders. We can separate stock and store products individually.

Checked Upon Arrival

Upon arrival at our warehouse, your stock will always be checked for damage and we will make sure the quantities received match the documentation provided.

Flexible Storage Space

With the flexibility of our services, we can easily increase or reduce the space for your stock and you will only be charged for the space you use.

This is a very popular feature of our service with customers selling a wide variety of goods – you don’t need to pay for the space you require during your peak times (Black Friday, Christmas, etc..) when your business is in a quieter period.

Clean and Secure Warehouse

It goes without saying that you would expect your goods to be delivered to customers in the best possible condition. Our warehouse is clean and dry and all stock is regularly checked for damage. The warehouse is also staffed 24 per day with full CCTV security monitoring.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our warehouse management system (WMS) is a software and processes that allows our customers to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods enter our warehouse until they ship-out. Operations in our warehouse management system include inventory management, order processing and more.

Special Projects

Other services we can provide are kitting and re-kitting, sometimes referred to as re-working. This involves assembling products from multiple component part received, enclosing various items within one order or personalizing individual orders.

Custom packaging and inserts can be printed locally in China and included with your shipments.

Comprehensive Warehousing Services:

? Supply Chain Management

? Inventory Management

? Order Consolidation

? Container Handling

? Fulfillment Services

? Repack & label

Storage Services include:

? Racked or Stacked Storage

? Single pallet to over a thousand

? Short and long term

? Self Storage

? Shelf Storage

China Warehousing
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