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Are you looking for a professional China sorting fulfillment center that provides low cost pick and pack, discounted shipping rate, online reporting and one click sync of orders, tracking numbers, inventory management?

We work with you to provide shipping and warehousing fulfillment services tailored especially to your businesses exact needs. From start-up e-commerce businesses to large established International companies, we aim to provide simple and effective fulfillment solutions for you.  By using ParcelfromChina fulfillment service, you can sync your shopify/opencart/woocommerce/magento etc shopping cart with ParcelfromChina fulfillment app easily.  At the same time, orders, tracking numbers, inventory management can be synced with just on click.

ParcelfromChina fulfillment center processes thousands of orders per day for customers worldwide. Some most popular products we fulfilled are below:

- Health and beauty
- Electronics
- Children's Toys
- Clothing
- Books, CD’s and DVDs
- Home-ware and garden-ware
- Gadgets, medical equipment, dry foods, merchandise, literature...

We can also handle fulfillment orders to your retail clients as well as your individual customers.
We can fulfill your orders worldwide with the postal and courier companies that meet your price and service requirements and our packet and parcel rates are some of the lowest available.

Our custom order fulfillment center in Nanshan, Shenzhen, China

An order that is packed incorrectly can lose you a customer, so it is very important that your order fulfillment provider has very low error rates!
At PFC Logistics Solutions, we take great care in choosing qualified staff for our pick and pack operation as each individual is first trained, then monitored for both accuracy and efficiency.
Our pick and pack processes at our order fulfillment center are covered by our strict quality systems so procedures are in place to ensure accurate picking and packing.
Flexibility becomes extremely important when you are picking and packing a wide variety of product types that come in all shapes and sizes, and with SKU counts ranging from 1 to 500 !
Your stock can be called off for single orders, small consignments, or bulk shipments, and we have storage options to handle a variety of stock sizes.
As order pickers use the system to pull appropriate items and quantities the packing department serves as the second QC check as every order receives 100% Quality Control verification.

Order distribution is typically the highest cost involved in fulfilling an order, and our China and international postal and courier rates are hard to beat.

So once we have picked and packed an order we are able to offer a wide range of China and international postal and courier services to get it to your customer, whether that's a consumer or business address, anywhere in the world.
We are able to offer a range of postal services and packet and parcel services from our order fulfillment center including signed-for and traceable options.
Our mail order distribution prices are often what makes our overall mail order fulfillment solution the most cost effective, as postage is typically one of the most costly parts of running an e-commerce business.

Samples of our cost savings that our order fulfillment services can offer include:
- 4 day postal service to the UK with Royal Mail Post starting from $3.50!
- Hong Kong Post Service to the USA starting from just $0.57!
- International packet services that can be 50% cheaper than Carriers advertised rates.

Orders packed and ready for shipping worldwide using one of our discounted shipping services.
Whether you are a seasoned distance selling professional from a large corporation or a young e-commerce businesses outsourcing your order fulfillment for the first time we will make sure getting set up with us is as easy as possible.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment to PFC Logistics Solutions does not mean you lose control, we provide you with up to the minute information on your current inventory levels and tracking details for all your shipments.
- Fulfillment reports
- Goods received reports
- Stock reports
- Tracking numbers for courier deliveries

Contact us today at to learn how we can help your business achieve is full potential by using PFC Logistics Solutions China fulfillment service.

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