Royal Mail (UK) Postal Packets

To get the best postage prices and delivery times for your UK small parcels and mailings from China, you need to use PFC Logistics Royal Mail UK Service.
Royal Mail

The Royal Mail services offered by PFC Express to the UK are Royal mail regular air mail service and Royal Mail level 1 registered air mail service. Our UK postal packet service is suitable for smaller products under 2kg sent by airmail and can be sent to address all over Britain and Northern Ireland.
The delivery times from our Shenzhen center to the UK for both of these services is usually 4-6 working days.
PFC Logistics are a Royal Mail level 1 partner in China and we are able to ensure you can take advantage of Royal Mail's United Kingdom service network by sorting and labeling your mailings to Royal Mail’s requirements.
All your mailings will have a UK return address, this is very useful for eBay sellers, Amazon sellers and also e-commerce businesses. Tracking details are available on the Royal Mail website :
The main advantages of using this service to the UK are:
  >  Reduce costs
  >  Improve delivery times
  >  Reduce hassle

> Service introduced
Service name Royal Mail Postal Packets
Advantage 1.Fast delivery times, parcels sent from PFC using our Royal Mail service usually arrive in 4 to 6 days;
2. The service used is the local level 1 mail services, and also offers a return mailing address in the United Kingdom. This gives eBay sellers the option of listing items as located in the UK and sending direct from China suppliers.
3.Very competitive prices.
Price charges
Reference time A reference delivery time of generally 4 to 6 days.
Volume and the weight limi 1) Royal Mail packets surface mail has a weight restriction of no more than 2 kg per parcel.
2) Royal Mail registered packets service has a weight restriction of no more than 1kg per parcel.
3) The maxium sizes allowable (Volume limit) is 610 * 460 * 460 mm.
Tracking inquires Royal Mail regular packet surface mail can not be tracked online ,
All registered packet mail can be tracked on the Royal mail website at
Tariffs, VAT charges and clearance fee 1) Parcels with a declared value above15 GBP, are liable to the imposition of VAT at the rate of 20% of the declared value.
2) Parcels with a declared value above 135 GBP, are liable to the imposition of VAT at the rate of 20% and also the imposition of import tariffs at HM Customs published rates.
Compensation 1. No matter the weight of the parcel, the damages payment will not exceed the declared value of the parcel.
2. Any damages caused during processing due to insufficient packaging will not be covered for compensation.
3. The highest claim payable on parcels with a weight of less than 500 grams will not exceed 300 Yuan.
4. The highest claim payable on parcels with a weight of more than 500 grams will not exceed 600 Yuan.
The limit of mail items 1. Items prohibited by Royal mail:  Copy, fake and false brand items, Spray containers, alcohol or any other kind of liquid, asbestos, butane lighter fluid, medical waste, toxic items, corrosive items, counterfeit money, drugs, dry ice, combustible materials, obscene materials, above standard magnetic items, oxides and organic peroxide, arms and ammunition, paint coating, and other items  prohibited for mailing under local laws.
> Transiting operation requirements
Goods declaration 1. The recipient's name and address should be completed in English;
2. Customers should fill out all details on the Royal mail postal packets customs declaration form including item description, quantity, weight and declared value;
3. Customers should sign the Royal mail postal packets customs declaration form using their Chinese name;
4. Royal mail postal return program is: 1 the return of parcel to shenzhen, then returned to the sending Courier company who will process it according to customer ID and instructions.
Packing requirements Please note that packing should be in good condition and not easy damaged, In addition to address label on the outside please try not to have any other logo, for fragile parcels it is to have a fragile symbol on the outside of the packaging, position the address label in a central position on the parcel, please package your parcels properly to avoid damage in transit.


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