Hong Kong Speedpost Packet Service
> Service introduction
HongKong postal packet service is dedicated to providing customers with a flexible, customer-oriented, market-leading service. HongKong Post offers its customer a substantial worldwide delivery network with comprehensive coverage in over 220 countries and regions. Hong Kong Post is committed to providing its customers with reliable convenience and value for money postal services.
The 2 services available using PFC are the regular airmail packets service and registered packets service, these services are especially suitable for online sellers mailing light weight items! Many mainland China eBay sellers use this service are a faster alternative to China postal service.
Hong Kong posts official website: www.hongkongpost.com
> Service introduced
Service name Hong Kong Postal Packets
Advantage 1) The Rates are low. Compared to other modes of transport (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), the HongKong Post packet service offers a major price advantage. Using this delivery method you can minimize your costs and enhance your price competitiveness.
2) Simplicity. HongKong postal packets is a convenient and easy way to send your parcels. With shipping charges calculated by the gram, you only pay for what you actually send. Also there are no volume charges, so its easy to calculate your cost!
3) Global reach. HongKong postal packets service can deliver your products worldwide to almost any country or region! As long as there is a local post office Hong Kong post can deliver , which offers you a global market for your products!
4) Efficient customs clearance. As Hong Kong is a free port, there are no extra charges or delays when sending your shipment!
5) Wide range of goods. Usually there are no special restrictions on sending items, except for items that are considered international contraband.
Price charges www.parcelfromchina.com
Reference time Hong Kong package delivery times for general reference are 7 ~ 20 days (details provided by Hong Kong Post), if sent during a holiday period , registered mail delivery times will be extended by 2 working days.
As each country and area has different post office procedures and customs regulations, delivery times can vary greatly . In particular deliveries to Africa and countries wilt less developed postal systems may encounter longer delays.
Volume and the weight limi 1.Packets should have a weight of not more than two kilograms (2KG);
2.Length + width + height should all be less than 90 cm, with a maximum diameter of less than 60 cm and greater than 12 cm;
3.Clear address of the recipient and the destination Country Such as: Austria, Iceland;
4.Registered mail barcodes must be affixed smoothly to the addressed side of packets.
5.Note: The address and bar code should be covered with a transparent tape to prevent moisture damage or wear! Failure to do so may lead to undelivered packets or other problems!
Tracking inquires Customer can only query the registered mail / parcels departure details from Hong Kong Posts Website at : http://www.hongkongpost.com
You can check the details of delivery and tracking information for these countries on the local postal service websites: the United States, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Singapore, United Kingdom , New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Qatar, Malaysia, Arab, Israel, Bulgaria, Japan, Ukraine, Indonesia.
Links to local postal service websites:
reland: http://track.anpost.ie/track.html
New Zealand:  http://www.nzpost.co.nz/Cultures/en-NZ/OnlineTools/TrackAndTrace/
Portugal:  http://www2.ctt.pt/feapl/jsp/pesqobjectos/public/pesqobjectosform.jsf?lang=01
Qatar:  http://www.imolink.net/qpost/ttchmail/tracktrace.htm
United States:  http://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfirm.htm
Spain:  http://www.correos.es/ENG/13-MenuRec2/01-MenuRec21/2010_c1-LocalizadorE.asp
Norway: http://www.posten.no/en/
Denmark: http://www.postdanmark.dk/tracktrace/indexUK.jsp
Australia: http://www.auspost.com.au/
Turkey,:  http://www.ptt.gov.tr/en/interaktif/kayitliposta-yd.php
Tariffs clearance fee Hong Kong postal packets through won't incur tariffs or clearance fee when sending, but in the destination country import tariffs may be applied. Each specific country has different tax laws and you should be aware of these before sending any parcel. The following list shows some of the destination countries and the tax rates charged along with the highest value declared duty-free.
Compensation 1. According to the post office compensation will be paid on the declared value of the goods up to a maxium of 311 Yuan and does not include the registration free which is non refundable. Please check the Hong Kong post website for full details.
2. Compensation is not payable for packages detained by customs and no refund of posta.


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