China Postal Packets Service
> Service introduction
China postal packets service is a n international postal packet business involving PFC and China post . This economical service utilizes China Post's international express airmail services to almost any place in the world that has a Post Office . Providing both a regular airmail and a trackable, signed for registered service.
PFC offer professional international express delivery services, and are an ideal business logistics partner for e-commerce vendors as we provide a range of comprehensive services at a reasonable price to suit your business needs.
> Service introduced
Service name China's postal packets
Advantage 1. Price benefit;Relative to the other international transport modes such as EMS, DHL, UPS and FedEx, TNT, etc., it has an excellent price advantage and is also cheaper than Hong Kong small packets service;
2. Convenient;PFC's China postal packets service can be delivered to almost any country or area globally for our clients, as long as there is a local post office that can be served, there by greatly expanding the foreign trade area of the seller;
3. Security;Full online tracking availabe for all registered packets on China Post's website or by contacting a member of PFC's customer supports staff.
Price charges 1. Please check our website for the lates rates.
2. Our China postal packets won't incur tariffs or clearance fee when sending, but in the destination country import tariffs may be applied. Each specific country has different tax laws and you should be aware of these before sending any parcel.
Reference time 1 )PFC receiving, the processing, the next morning it will go China post small handful of mail delivered to the Chinese post office, China's postal packets registered a day can Internet inquiries.
2) China postal packets specific time should be based on the national postal mail processing speed and customs clearance situation and decision, a reference time as follows:
(1) to Asian neighbors 5 ~ 10 days;
(2) the main countries in Europe and America 7 to 15 days;
(3) other regions and countries 7 ~ 30 days.
Volume and the weight limi 1. China postal packets weight restrictions: The maximium weight for each packet is 2 KG;
Please note; Registered Chinese postal packets sent to Saudi Arabia can't weigh more than 1 KG;
2. China postal packets Volume restrictions:
length + width + height ≤ 90cm, length ≤ 60cm width + height
Scroll-like goods: length plus twice the diameter with a length less than 104cm and diameter less then 90cm.
Tracking inquires 1. China postal packets tracking inquires can be made online at the China post website:
2. If after 3 months your parcel has still not been received, please contact PFC's customer service and we will make inquiries to China post on your behalf. China post allows inquiries on parcels sent up to 6 months previously.
Insurance Currently China Postal packets service does not provide insurance.
Compensation 1. According to the post office compensation will be paid on the declared value of the goods up to a maxium of 311 Yuan and does not include the registration free which is non refundable. Please check the Hong Kong post website for full details.
2. Compensation is not payable for packages detained by customs and no refund of postal costs will be made.
Returned The following outlines reasons for return of goods, for which the sender will bear the cost of return;
1) Incorrectly addressed packets, leading to failed delivery.
2) The receiver refuses to sign for the parcel.
3) The parcel contains items which are prohibited in the destination country.
4) Customs clearance is unsuccessful in the destination country and the local customs office return the parcel.
5) Fo any other reason involving the sender or recipient, which causes the parcel to be returned.
The limit of mail items According to the provisions of the international aviation terms on the posting of prohibited items in the mail, such as but not limited to products containing powder, liquid, inflammable and explosive materials, dangerous goods and articles, etc cigarettes, cash and securities, copyright infringing products, etc.
> Transiting operation requirements
Goods declaration 1. The recipient's name and address should be completed in English;
2. Customers should fill out all details on the China postal packets customs declaration form including item description, quantity, weight and declared value;
3. Customers should sign the China postal packets customs declaration form using their Chinese name;
4. China posts return program is: one the return of parcel to shenzhen, then returned to the sending Courier company who will process it according to customer ID and instructions.
Packing requirements Please note that packing should be in good condition and not easy damaged, In addition to address label on the outside please try not to have any other logo, for fragile parcels it is to have a fragile symbol on the outside of the packaging, position the address label in a central position on the parcel, please package your parcels properly to avoid damage in transit.
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