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A brief introduction of Singapore post
Singapore post is another delivery service cooperated by Singapore post and PFC express which can arrive to all the countries around the world. And Singapore post is with strong ability of handling parcels and delivering effectively.
Advantages of Singapore POST
1. Fee-20% of the international express saving your logistics cost
2. Safety-low rate of lost parcels and offering extra insurance
3. Tracking-1-2 working days after delivery, the parcel can be tracked.
Price charges
1. Air mail:120RMB/KG+2RMB/parcel(handling fee)
Register mail :120RMB/KG+2RMB/parcel(handling fee)+12RMB/parcel(register fee)
2. Singapore postal packets won't incur tariffs or clearance fee when sending, but in the destination country import tariffs may be applied. Each specific country has different tax laws and you should be aware of these before sending any parcel.
The delivery time of Singapore POST is 10-18 working days. And if it is holiday, the register air mail may be delayed for 2days. And the air mail will be delayed for 10 days. And since the customs and post offices in different countries will take different time, the parcel will be received in different time.
1. Tracking website:
Volume and weight limit
1)weight limit:
parcels weight <=2kg
2)volume limit:
None cylinder parcel: length+width+height<=90cm. length <=60cm, height<=14cm, width<=9cm
Cylinder parcel:diameter*2+length<=104cm,length<=90cm,diameter*2+length>=17cm, length>=10cm.
Parcels value limit:
Only low valued parcel can be delivered. The low valued means the declared value is less than 22 Euro which is not including the freight fee.
Limited items
Aviation embargoed goods such as dangerous goods, liquids, powder, engine, battery, motor, guns for sports, medicine for emergency or scientific research, underproof magnetic items, perishable products, radioactive substances etc.
State banned export goods such as antiques, precious metals, currency, and other prohibited products. Any products within a battery or pure battery are not accepted.
Settlement of claims
1. If the air mail parcel was lost, there will be no compensation.
2. The register mail will be compensated according to declared value and freight after 3 months making sure of the lost. But the highest compensation is 300RMB, and the register fee will not be returned.
Return service
1. Price:50RMB/KG
2. Returning time:a week or a month depending on the quantity of the returned parcel.
3. Returning parcel’s handling:the parcels will be first returned to HK then to PFC in Shenzhen. The parcels will be returned according to the ID of customers which means the identifiable parcel will be dealt first. And when it comes to the unidentifiable parcel, the parcel will be checked the information by customer service and uploading to the website for customers to claim.
NOTE: When the recipients return the parcel without informing the customers, the ID will be possiblely unidentifiable. So in case of that, customers can put a note with address in the parcel so that the parcel can be returned to china directly without returning fees.
Uploading orders
1. The Singapore post shipping code are SGPOST (air mail) and SGBRAM (register air mail)
2. Please make sure the shipping code is right and clear, or the order will not be identified.
3. For air mail, customers do not need to upload the information to the PFC logistics system. Customers can just use their own-made label.
4. For register air mail, the customer’s information must be uploaded to the PFC’s logistics system. There are two ways:
- 1) To take the tracking number as order number to PFC’s logistics system and pasted the customer’s self-made label on the parcel.
- 2) To upload the order’s information and print the address label from PFC’s logistic system on the parcel.
5. Items description:
The actual name of the commodity and quantity must be declared in detail. Example: for products such as DVD or CD the exact nature of the content, the length and purpose of the material must be described. For clothing and textile items, the application, the elements and the weave must be described...Descriptions such as gift or sample are not acceptable.
6. The declared value:
An invoice stating the value of the shipment must be included. Declaring a low value may result in higher tarrifs and fines by your countries customs when they believe the value has been under declared. So we suggest to declare the actual value.
7. The recipients address:
Singapore post can accept both PO BOX and APO as delivery addresses. A valid E-mail address along with the recipients phone number must be provided and all informations must be filled out in English. Please mind that the APO/FPO address must choose America.
Packing requirements
1.Each parcel should be filled with a CN22 customs clearance docket by senders and pasted on the back of the parcel. Descriptions such as gift or sample are not acceptable.
2.The customs declaration should be filled with English or French or the characters of the destination country. And the item, value and net weight(g) should be clearly and specifically filled.
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