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Shenzhen EMS international express Service code:SZEMS

   Shenzhen EMS international express is introduced

EMS international express (global postal express mail) is run by a special postal postal businesses.In national postal EMS international express business, customs, aviation departments shall have priority.It at a high speed, high quality for the user to pass the international emergency letters, documents, financial instruments, product samples and other kinds of documents and goods, customs clearance ability.EMS international express without extra fuel surcharge.
Shenzhen EMS international express parcel by shenzhen to all over the world.


   Service advantages

Simple charging is simple - international EMS express delivery, the price for China post EMS announced price multiplied by the discount, with RMB;
Aging stability - on the day of receiving the delivery, on the day of the delivery post office in shenzhen, the online tracking, saved express in domestic transport time.Sign for aging has safeguard, can be completed within three days of South Asia, southeast Asia Australia 4 days can be completed, 5 days can be completed for the European and American countries.
Customs clearance - international EMS express customs clearance ability is strong, unite by the postal customs clearance.
Cargo limited - only general cargo, regardless of the size, suitable for small volume weight of the goods.
- EMS international express service scope can be reached 210 destinations around the world, but some countries don't postal services such as: the Netherlands, Chile, Barbados, Ecuador, Guatemala.
Shenzhen EMS international express parcel by shenzhen to all over the world.

   Shenzhen EMS international express delivery price

1. The price of EMS international express
Shenzhen EMS international express price inquiries, please in our website homepagewww.PFCexpress.comThe query, :
The post office partition and published price is as follows:

EMS international express queries
After the goods leave the royal logistics processing center if handled well, the day can be seen in the EMS express website Posting information accordingly.
Sending order query: since 15 days from the date of accepting the query, query time is 1 to 3 months.EMS international express queries

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