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New Zealand Post to raise bulk mail, international parcels rates

Monday, March 18th, 2013

New Zealand Post will be raising its international parcels and bulk mail rates from 1st July.

The company said in “most” instances the increases would be 4% or less, reflecting the increasing cost of providing the services.

But as promised last year, the national post of New Zealand said it would not be increasing the standard letter rate for mail, with the basic letter price remaining at 70 cents.

New Zealand Post did hike the standard letter rate by 17% in July 2012 as a result of declining letter volumes and increased operating costs, but at the time pledged to leave the new rate in place for two years.

Business customers are being informed about their particular rate increases, New Zealand Post said.

International mail services have been affected by rising fuel, transportation, processing and union costs, the company explained.

Along with international rates, New Zealand Post will be adjusting its international zones so that parcels going to North America have more “realistic” prices reflecting the true freight costs. The Post is shifting the region from its international Zone C, where it was in the same category as East Asia, into Zone D, in which the UK and Europe also sits.

Source: Post&Parcel/New Zealand Post

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