Belgium Postal International Express Buying American Landmark Global Company Most EquityOTHER NEW

Belgium postal international express recently announced that it has to buy United States cross-border parcel logistics company most of the Landmark Global equity.
The Belgian post said, the company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, will continue to operate in the Landmark Global brand, the founding partner Dave Mays management, at the same time the company executives position unchanged. Landmark Global company and Belgium postal international business department for cooperation, expand the company in the United States and other areas of international retail business.
The Belgian post said, the hope can in three continents (Europe, North America and Asia), in view of the international business letters and packages provide a wide range of solutions. At present, the company is ready to the existing business activities transferred to the subsidiary's Landmark Global business.
Landmark Global company was established in 2005, is a specialized in cross-border products distribution logistics company, help the U.S. e-commerce business product to send to Canada buyers. The company in the past year, have to expand our business to the outside North America market, and has set up a file in the Australian business. In 2012, the company has 75 employees, processing more than 3 million parcels.

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