FedEx International Express To Develop Polish Market New Poland RouteOTHER NEW

To increase the polish and global business, the FedEx international express has added a fly to Poland's route, further develop Poland market.
A plane ATR42 aircraft weekly class 4, a round trip in Paris Charles DE gaulle airport fedex European aviation hub and Poland gdansk, midway between stopover in Berlin.
The opening of the new route and improve the service to the FedEx international express the northern Dutch clients benefit a lot. LanShou and delivery time are changing, LanShou prolonged 3 hours in advance, the delivery time for three hours; From gdansk area to the east coast of the United States also can realize to the next day.
In addition, the route in Poland gdansk and bydgoszcz area increase direct services, and uzziah, staples grams, family sarin and el bloom case area of new business customer benefit. Europe and the region transportation time will be reduced to a working day.
Shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical, electronics, telecommunications and IT industry is gdansk region pillar industry, pharmaceutical and food industry is also focus on the development of industry.

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