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Recently, DPD international express (Germany) investment of 42 million euros in the near cologne Erftstadt new package treatment plant put into operation.
The treatment plant instead of before Frechen site, the main service in cologne satellite town, now has more than 300 employees and 350 delivery driver.
The Erftstadt treatment plant a total area of 83000 square meters, which is equivalent to the size of a football field 11, 320 loading level, able to handle article 120 freight line. Among them, the sorting hall covers an area of 13000 square meters, near the office building is 2800 square meters. Sorting to the center of the hall was the most advanced packet extension, in 2.5 meters per second conveyor belt speed per hour, can deal with 18000 packages. Package will be automatic weighing, scanning, measuring, and separately to each loading level.
The treatment plant new fully comply with DPD to protect the environment and climate commitment, using materials most is recyclable materials, office building of cold and hot temperature control is realized by the heat. Building with the glass window design, let more sunlight enter indoor, reduce the use of lighting. In addition, low noise conveyor also largely reduce the noise generation.

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