Fedex International Express Built A New Site In DubaiOTHER NEW

Fedex international express has built a new site in dubai, expand business in the Middle East.
Dubai site covers an area of 5.9 square feet, with can accommodate more than 200 people office area, the new brand operation station, 24-hour customer service call center and retail service center. This is the express in the united Arab emirates in the fourth big sites, eighteenth home retail service center, each hour sorting packages can reach 3000 pieces.
Fedex in dubai business for more than twenty years, in 2011, the company in dubai BeiA southwest jie in free zone covers an area of 4.8 square feet of the completion of the new completion, and start the new Boeing 777 intercontinental cargo shipping routes, make the trip in North America and the Middle East freight service level was significantly improve.

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