TNT International Express Company In Italy Order A Methane Fuel Delivery CarOTHER NEW

Recently, the TNT international express italia and iveco company sign a contract, will buy 115 a methane fuel vehicle for delivery.
The new environmental protection van delivery truck and appearance and performance of the same diesel vehicle type, compared to the cost of fuel is expected to be reduced by 40%. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 5% - 8%, vehicle performance is higher than the European VI emission standard. Vehicle power can switch back to traditional gasoline fuel when methane fuel burned out.
TNT international express italia plan in Rome region in central Italy and made the new methane fuel car. The new car will make the company team to reduce co2 emissions by 370 tons per year. TNT in Italy runs 2900 car delivery vehicles. In 2011, TNT italia updated 8% of vehicles, about 63% of the vehicles with European IV, V standard, 18% meet the Europe III standard.

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