Fedex Increase Flight Capacity Increase Canada BusinessOTHER NEW

By increasing the Memphis and alberta, Canada Edmonton capital between daily flight capacity, fedex recently ready to expand its business in Canada.
From January 2013, fedex international express will be in the course of opening wide-bodied airbus A310, alternative current use of Boeing 757. This will increase more than 1600 cubic meters of shipping space, or increase the daily volume 20000 kilograms. Fedex use airbus A310 will become Edmonton international airport (EIA) only daily landing of wide-bodied winch, alberta province in northern enterprise will therefore more convenient to connect the global market.
Through the Edmonton airport transport goods customers will continue to benefit from fedex series of transport solutions, such as fedex international priority express service (IP), fedex international priority express service (IPF), the next day delivery service, two working days delivery service, etc.

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2020-07-29 737

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