Fedex International Express Raised Express FeeOTHER NEW

FedEx international express group company recently issued, from January 7, on, FedEx ground package companies and federal express family Delivery company (FedEx Home Delivery) express service fees will be raised up 5.9% at the meeting.
Fedex said that oil prices adjustment will cover part DiaoZiFei, finally the minus 1% of the fuel additional charges, the price rose 4.9% net.
In addition, the company also plans to raise the federal express intelligent express (FedEx SmartPost) costs.
Thanks to the rapid development of the network shopping, fedex international express ground package company and home delivery company express business is growing rapidly, including the United States postal cooperation to provide intelligent express service. For the last fiscal year, fedex ground package company operating profit accounted for more than half of the fedex, operating margin was 18.4%.

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