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The French postal international express recently announced that from January 1, 2013 the postage average increased by 2.8%, the last time the postage is raised in eighteen months ago. The postage raised will ensure that after prices to maintain the high quality of the public service level. After the rise of the postage will be next public service contract of provisions.
The French national bureau of statistics (INSEE) say the price rise is still less than 3% of the French inflation rate. The price rise, priority mail postage will the euro's rise from 0.6 to 0.63 euros, "green letter" postage + 1 cent, to 0.58 euros.
"Green letter" is the French postal launched a year ago and hours delivery products. The French postal says, because without the use of air transport (Corsica and overseas mail except), "green letter" than the standard mail more economical and environmental protection, more than 30% of the priority mail to reduce carbon emissions. The French postal mail carrier monthly delivery 50 million seal "green letter".
The French postal international express said, postage raised to family customer the impact is not big, only than before more than the cost of less than one euro. The current mail in consumer spending accounts for the proportion of small only, the average French family's annual spending 30 euros postage. Enterprise postage will be 1.8% higher, the recent big customers continued to decline the postage. In order to further improve product "free location" competitiveness, French postal for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide product price will rise 1.5%.
The French post said, the latest price increase with the French electronic communication and postal administration (ARCEP) on November 6, 2012 for the highest "price" provisions.

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