DHL International Express Improve Out Carbon Emissions ReporOTHER NEW

DHL international express the American company has announced to improve international service fees, and at the same time introduced two new item carbon emissions reporting services, import and export business to help improve the transparency of carbon emissions.
The new charges will be on January 2, 2013 a, an average increase of 5.9%, but the fuel surcharge will decline by 2%.
DHL international express Courier stressed that due to inflation and rising costs, the company a year in over 220 countries and regions business price adjustment.
In addition, in addition to "carbon neutral" service, the United States DHL also launched two new power green service - "carbon estimate" and "carbon footprint", to match the enterprise continuously promote environmental protection service.
"Carbon estimate" service is based on enterprise recent 3 months the global average carbon emission factor, providing a single, higher level of carbon emissions prediction.
"Carbon footprint" can be transparent to display the customer a year in a variety of ways (the actual route, business types, transportation mode, account, transportation level) calculation of carbon emissions, to help customers set new emission reduction goals. Carbon displacement calculation method and reporting process by an independent agency, headquartered in Switzerland, societe generale monitoring.
DHL worldwide in more than fifty countries and regions, including Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and America market) to provide the above three kinds of the green services.

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