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Deutsche post DHL's air transport and Marine professional departments, it will be combined with shipping and air multimodal transport service development to eight new African destination, to promote Asia - Africa trade channel development. "DHL SEAIR" refers to the combination of shipping and air transportation scheme, now expand to Abidjan (ivory coast), Brazzaville (republic of Congo, kinshasa (democratic republic of Congo), Dakar (Senegal), luanda, Angola), douala, Cameroon), malabo, equatorial guinea), black Angle port (republic of Congo).
Through the DHL SEAIR combined with shipping and air services, so that customers will be able to more cost effective way to manage their supply chain. DHL SEAIR than pure shipping fast 30-50%, compared with the standard air can save forty - 60% of the cost. This is also a kind of more environmentally friendly choice, because sea shipping distance can significantly save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. For example, from Malaysia penang to Bristol, certification by the spread across the continent transportation, if the transport the same weight, DHL SEAIR service transport time than pure shipping solutions for twenty days, less carbon dioxide than pure air 2.7 times less.
DHL global freight says, 2001 to 2010 this decade, between Asia and Africa trade grew by more than 400%. Asia's trade and investment in Africa has been accelerating, the African economic growth and development brings good prospects, maintain the good momentum is very key. So between two areas need to be more fast and more cost-effective transport, the demand is unprecedented. DHL international express through DHL SEAIR make Asian 41 starting point with the African 26 destination connection, in between two continents to provide more than 1000 of the transportation route and based on customer demand for personalized solutions.
DHL SEAIR transportation by sea, starting from Asia transportation to Singapore, dubai, incheon, Sydney or Los Angeles, again through the air to continue shipped to 169 destinations. In the African customers, transport mainly by dubai transport, and then shipped to the reservation of the air cargo space, then air to Africa. DHL international express offices and operation sites, professionals, scheduled route and safe processing constitute a vast network, to ensure the high quality service and reliability. This not only to ensure the reliability of the African customer supply chain stable operation, also makes DHL SEAIR become transportation peak a viable alternative. In addition, DHL SEAIR use single multimodal transport document, tracking the whole length of run in the traffic condition, enhance the safety and visibility, and easy to management.
Global services, DHL SEAIR standard service provide freight current route article nearly 7000, freight routes to cover the world.

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