FedEx International Express "green Monday" Over 19 MillionOTHER NEW

The sea washes family on December 10 ushered in the annual "green Monday", FedEx international express the global network transport more than 19 million votes, a year-on-year increase of 10%.
The American businessman December every year the second Monday as "green Monday", this day most business network shopping platform will discount or free shipping and discount. In addition, the next week on Friday, and free shipping date, further boosting shopping consumption.
FedEx international express Asia Pacific President personally Jane said, consumer electronic products, retail clothing, luxury and from large network retailers send shipping goods contributed to the federal express festival peak cargo growth. The company is expected to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a global network will transport more than 280 million votes condition. With 2011 years of 247 million votes by more than 13%.

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2020-08-06 699

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