FedEx International Express Set New Institutions In HubeiOTHER NEW

A few days ago, FedEx international express in the ninth China international logistics issue a declaration, the company will be set up in hubei wuhan Asia Pacific service outsourcing center, and will and wuhan in air cargo base construction etc carried out comprehensive cooperation.
FedEx international express (China) co., LTD. ChenJiaLiang President says, wuhan has the advantages of location and talents. Since 2007, fedex since in wuhan, wuhan company number already from the more than 200 people to 900 people. Wuhan company will only from the original service market in China and become the fedex asia-pacific service outsourcing center. In the future, the company will be set up in wuhan national customer service center.
In addition, federal express will not only set up headquarters in wuhan outsourcing, will also set up a air freight base.

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2020-08-06 712

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