FedEx International Express In China launch B777 FreightersOTHER NEW

FedEx international express recently in Taiwan, China to the United States route introduced B777 freighters, for Taiwan exporters offer more convenient transportation service.
The new direct service transport capacity can reach 81 tons, five days a week, from Taipei to operation on federal express global hub Memphis. This is the connection in the Asia Pacific and the United States, Europe's article 9 B777 shipping route.
FedEx international express said that this means including electronic enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprise, the Taiwan exporters Monday to Friday export to the west coast of the United States outside of the transport of goods to shorten the time for two hours.
FedEx international express Asia Pacific President David Cunningham said, thanks to Boeing 777 winch of uninterrupted service, the company in Taiwan all major cities and industrial zone is the departure time of the extended to late 7, the convenience of our customers ready to goods. The company constantly strive to strengthen freight network in the asia-pacific region and the competitive advantage, to provide greater capacity and reliability.
The new Boeing 777 cargo aircraft launch, satisfaction with China's Taiwan and the United States of the growing demand for freight transportation, fuel efficiency higher type use, reflected the fedex is committed to the sustainable development of the environment and reduce carbon emissions to the commitment.

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