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According to bloomberg on November 28 days of reports, UPS international express is considering and trade competitors sharing transportation network and air traffic tools, alleviate the European Union to monopoly problems and promote its approval company for TNT express acquisition transaction.
The report pointed out that UPS international express delivery plan to guarantee the fixed price to the trade competitors provide transportation network service sharing, and to sell some assets, in order to form a new, big European range competition situation, ensure express industry continue to exist in sufficient number of competitors, alleviate the European Union antitrust authority concerns. For waiting regulators assessment opinions, since March 19, 2012 announced the acquisition plan, USP has twice been delayed complete the transaction of the target date.
European Union competition affairs commissioner JiaKun al jose California (Joaquin Almunia) has said, UPS acquisition needs "significant concessions" in order to eliminate antitrust concerns. Regulators have last month to trade both parties company made a formal objections, coordinate and clear acquisition TNT transaction possible problems.

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