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In order to improve the company's service ability, strengthen northern and eastern Europe between the network connection, recently, TNT international express company in Germany hannover airport road transport center officially put into operation. The center is a total of 62000 square meters, including covers an area of 10000 square meters of sorting center, the area is the center of the sort used twice as more; 114 pieces truck loading door, increase than ever about 40; Area area increased by 50%, up to 3000 square meters.
Hanover the geographical position is superior, the TNT express German companies has important strategic significance, it will and German wiesbaden, Frankfurt, nuremberg together, become TNT international express the main operation center.
So far, the road transport center mainly responsible for return in Scandinavia and eastern Europe cargo transportation. TNT operation from Hanover to Denmark Copenhagen, Finland turku and Poland Warsaw direct shipping, and starting from Hanover went through Germany wiesbaden, nuremberg, Europe highway center Dutch arnhem, Brussels, Belgium and Sweden goods transportation.
Hannover land transportation center with 200 employees. TNT in Germany has 31 processing center, about 4000 employees.

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