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Recently, FedEx international express increase delivery SenseAware service in sensitive cargo transport advantages , expand to the outside network of airlines and other international market.
SenseAware is based on a kind of sensor device, is mainly used for high value goods transport, may at any time anywhere the transmission of important information, such as the position of the goods, temperature and potential problem and so on.
SenseAware service since 2009 since the launch, only within the United States used. According to the plan, the service will be the first in Canada, England, Australia and Singapore launch, after is expected to have more market are likely to follow suit.
At the same time, SenseAware service will also serve as transport carrier for other transportation company service. At FedEx international express network traffic outside of the operator, including delta airlines, southwest airlines, united airlines and some third party ground operators, can be in accordance with the relevant regulations, use the service.
In addition, FedEx international express latest product SenseAware 2000 experienced technology upgrade, the customer can get more accurate real-time information.
This product is another new characteristics for ground shipping provides "route geo-fencing" function. According to the actual route customers can create a geographical defense Settings, once the transport line deviation preset route, can notice warning. In addition, not in the specified time appears in some sections, trigger also can give warnings or notify the customer to check the goods are in some ways off the progress.
FedEx international express said, SenseAware is a service contract, do not need additional infrastructure for support, also need not hosting service commitment, applicable to all kinds of mode of transportation.

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