Deutsche Post International Express Develop New ElectrocarOTHER NEW

Deutsche post international express and Germany aachen university and StreetScooter company making joint efforts to practice a year later, in recently produced used in mail and parcel delivery of new electric car.
The first street electric car prototype accord with Germany's postal all aspects of the requirements. To test the electric car daily operational efficiency and the impact on environment, in the future one year in use process, 50 table test vehicles will be available in the whole German postal different locations. The first electric car will in July 2013 begins to put in the use. If the trials succeed, this a series of electric car will be used.
The electric car on the design can complete 200 times to stop and start, a years available time up to 300 days. 4.6 meters long body to ensure that the mail and package of space, the firm structure, comply with all safety standards. The models according to Germany's postal characteristic to carry on the design, the speed of up to 85 kilometers per hour, mainly for the country delivery. The vehicle is equipped with a lithium battery driven by 30 kilowatts induction motor, the maximum cruising range for 120 kilometers.

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