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The royal mail international express recently announced that to package the company Parcelforce Worldwide (PFW) for as long as four years (GDP) more than 75 million pounds (93 million euros) investment. As a group expansion Britain and overseas package business one of the strategy, the plan will be the main use of the electronic commerce development advantage. This investment is expected to create 1000 jobs, make the staff number increase nearly 20%. Plan also includes 2013 autumn in northwest England Lancashire joly create a parcel processing center. In the next four years, will also in Cornwall and New Hampshire two warehouse, the original nine warehouse will be expanded or migration.
The royal mail international express spokesman said, the new package processing center will employ 150 staff, the rest of the position are mostly LanShou delivery driver. At present Parcelforce about 5300 employees in.

(PFC EXPRESS: the news just reprint,only by the purpose of information, does not mean that endorses the idea or prove its description. The article content is for reference only)

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