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FedEx international express recently through a series of new tool to mobile application development at most countries, to provide more convenient Courier service
In order to adapt to global customers on the transport requirements of the constant changes, FedEx international express mobile web sites to 25 kinds of language is expanded to 206 countries, is currently in the asia-pacific region has nearly 30 market.
IPad, iPhone iPod touch and user can through the App Store download fedex mobile program, this program covers 118 countries and languages. For Android system users, this program also can use English in 120 countries use. The next period of time, Android users can use the language more countries. In addition, 139 countries BlackBerry smartphone users also can use fedex mobile program.
Through the FedEx international express new intelligent mobile phone mobile program, customers can understand freight, tracking goods, with input address and goods information, even find the nearest federal express sites, delivery box, federal express authorization cargo center or the federal express world service center.

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