UPS international express acquisition of TNT express to fixOTHER NEW

According to foreign media reports on November 1,, the Dutch government departments will be united parcel service company (UPS) acquisition of TNT express to fix a date extend to 2013 years before the end of 2. Earlier, UPS international express announced the TNT express the takeover offer period from August 31 extended to November 9,.
At present, the competition in the previous permission to fix a date cannot be obtained before the expiry date, to fix a date by November 9,. The two companies are still expected the deal will be completed in early 2013.
In march this year, UPS agrees to about 5.16 billion euros for TNT express, to expand the European market. But the European commission early October formal against the merger, the main reason is that the deal will lead to control across Europe parcel transportation network company from four reduced to three.
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