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Although we live in an increasingly paperless world, attorneys and firms of all sizes still rely on the quick and efficient shipment of documents to colleagues and adversaries. The time and effort it takes to coordinate these important shipments can rob attorneys and staff of time better spent on other tasks. When quick turnaround is needed, such as when an adversary is demanding discovery documents or a colleague in another office needs a client’s deposition transcript, these shipments become even more important.

UPS Logistics, the new competitive frontier for businesses, can help law firms work more efficiently and overcome these challenges while freeing up time and money. With Logistics, existing workflows operate more efficiently, and productivity is increased through technology that automates administrative tasks and reduces errors and costs.

What does this mean for your shipments? UPS Logistics offers features such as proof of delivery and up-to-the-minute shipment tracking through QuantumView, giving you peace of mind about the location of your in-transit documents. And even when document production takes all day and your shipment isn’t ready until that evening, Logistics can help—On-Call Pickup and Drop Boxes offer reliable access outside business hours, so you can ship documents even when you’re working late.


Whether your firm has thousands of employees across the globe or just a few attorneys in a local office, Logistics can help make your interactions with colleagues and adversaries more efficient and reliable. Logistics provides small firms with resources to which they otherwise would not have had access, increasing their efficiency and speed. For larger and even international firms, Logistics is just as useful: it can help firms understand the global markets in which they operate, including technology-enabled customs processes that minimize errors and transportation delays.

Most of all, Logistics provides customer satisfaction—both for the sender and the recipient—through its superior delivery experience with more control, efficient ordering processes powered by technology, and a range of delivery speed options.

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