UPS launches daily flights from Zhengzhou into KoreaOTHER NEW

UPS has launched a new daily 767 flight between China and South Korea, cutting shipping times by at least one day for some of its customers.

The new five-day-a-week route connects Incheon in South Korea with Zhengzhou, the largest city in the Henan Province of north-central China, and one of the 13 “megacities” emerging in China at the moment.

UPS said Zhengzhou, which has a population of around 8.6m at the moment, is emerging as the next big high-tech manufacturing area in China.

Along with electronics, the area also has “impressive growth” in automotive, machinery and aluminum manufacturing industries, said the Atlanta-based integrator.

Last year the city was ranked top for foreign trade growth in all of China.

Richard Loi, president of UPS China, said there was an increasing need for logistics and transportation services in the fast-growing region, with many manufacturing companies located there.

“The UPS Zhengzhou gateway will speed access to key markets globally,” he said.

The new UPS flight out of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport over to Incheon will link in to the UPS intra-Asia hub in Shenzhen via the South Korean city, opening access for Zhengzhou businesses to export within Asia.

The additional flight is being fully supported by the local government in Henan Province, UPS said.

Henan Governor Guo Gengmao said the new flight would be a big boost to economic development in the region and China itself.

“With UPS’s contribution toward an enhanced logistics network network, I believe Zhengzhou will grow into a major trade hub for central northern China in the near future,” he said.

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