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FedEx Express has expanded its air cargo capacity on the direct flight from its Memphis hub in the United States to Querétaro in central Mexico.

A year after the start of the direct route, the company is replacing the Boeing 727 serving the Mexican city with a Boeing 757-200.

The new plane will be flown five days a week, and along with the operating capacity improvements, will also offer a better fuel consumption and reduced noise generation.

FedEx said the new aircraft will mean customers having an extra two hours to get their shipments in, in order to reach the 220 countries and territories around the world to which FedEx connects.

“FedEx has taken on the task of becoming a true business partner for companies in the region offering highly competitive services at very reasonable prices,” said Jorge L. Torres, recently named president of FedEx Mexico. “The decision to increase the carrying capacity of the aircraft responds to our strategy of always listening to our customers and responding to their requests promptly.”

FedEx said growth in demand for shipping in the Bajio area of central Mexico was being driven by the aerospace industry, which is developing at a high speed with 27 of the country’s 249 aerospace companies located in and around Querétaro.

“Therein lies the success that the direct flight Querétaro-Memphis FedEx is taking to strengthen the logistics corridor that has formed in the Bajio area and what led us to the decision to perform this upgrade,” said Torres.

Expansion of FedEx capacity in the region is being supported by FedEx distribution centers operating in Guadalajara and Toluca, the company said, which can meet the requirements for import and export of any large customer.

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