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GeoPost, the international parcels subsidiary of France’s La Poste, has acquired a stake in UK-based cross-border ecommerce shipping company Worldnet Direct. Worldnet Direct, which has spun out of the UK division of US shipping company Worldnet Shipping this year, providing international delivery specifically tailored for ecommerce. Worldnet will continue to operate as a standalone business following the deal. But, the companies said Worldnet international ecommerce services would now be available through GeoPost’s two UK brands, DPD UK and Interlink Express. Over time, the model will extend to the rest of Europe, the company said. Worldnet Direct and DPD are already working with a number of retailers including fashion retailer ASOS, and have already completed more than 3m deliveries with major online retailers. The ecommerce specialist launched a UK to Australia service back in May, and now says it offers shipping to 24 countries. But the company is planning a full service launch in 2013. Iain Johnson, chief operating officer of GeoPost International, said Worldnet Direct fit “very well” with what his company was already doing in domestic and international markets, providing a “great platform from which to shape the future of international ecommerce fulfillment”. He said: “There is no question that ecommerce will continue to be of increasing importance as a driver of international parcel volumes and staying innovative in the retail space is key.” “Significant step” The Worldnet Direct offers a range of features for ecommerce companies, including return solutions and a paperless customs service. Stuart Hill, managing director of Worldnet Direct, said bringing in GeoPost as an investor and benefiting from the DPD brand was a “significant step” for his company. “Geopost represents an ideal partner for Worldnet and they see our flexibility as a real benefit,” he said. “From a UK perspective, working with DPD UK means we are able to access one of the most skilled and sizeable sales teams in the marketplace. “As a corporate partner we are confident that GeoPost will enable us to grow at an expedited pace and make a real and positive impact on the industry,” added Hill. ASOS has been working with Worldnet since 2011 on international deliveries. Hilton Eachus, head of delivery solutions at ASOS, said: “The difference with Worldnet is that they have developed a service which fits the needs of retailers considering international expansion. “The service fits the retailer, rather than the other way around.” (PFC Express: News information is republished by pfc express, which means we do not endorse this content and provide it for customers reference only)

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