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Dear customer:

In the context of the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, tensions in the Red Sea region have further escalated, causing global concern. According to the authority plan, since November 19, 55 freighters have abandoned their planned route through the Suez Canal and opted instead choosing the more distant route of the Cape of Good Hope (the southern tip of Africa), this phenomenon has undoubtedly brought no small impact on the global shipping industry.

As one of the most important shipping routes in the world, the Suez Canal has long been a shortcut connecting Europe and Asia. However, in the current situation, security issues in the Red Sea region have forced ships to reconsider their route options. The Cape of Good Hope, although the line is longer, it is relatively safe, so it has become the first choice of many shipping companies.

The change is not without cost, however. The agent of the receiving ship reminds that being forced to detour the Cape of Good Hope in Africa means sailing cost increases and the shipping days increase, the delivery time will be delayed accordingly. Our company will follow up the goods in transit in real time and cooperate with all parties, maintain close communication to ensure the smooth arrival of the goods at the destination. At the same time, we will also inform customers about the route

changing information so that everyone can be prepared accordingly.

We thank you for your support and understanding. In the current complex international environment, we will continue to pay close attention to the relevant authorities the development of potential, and strive to provide you with high-quality and efficient shipping services.

Affected channels:

UK Sea Shipping - Overall delivery time is expected to be delayed by around 7-10 days

European Sea freight - Overall timeliness is expected to be delayed by around 10-15 days

2023-12-20 224

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