EURPOST and EUEX-V, Norway tax reform noticeNotifications

Whereas the Norwegian Customs has introduced a simplified VAT declaration scheme for cross-border packages with a declared value of less than NOK 3,000, called VOEC (VAT on e-Commerce), which is administered by the Tax Office. The plan removes the threshold for duty-free imports of NOK 350, and parcels up to NOK 3,000 will be declared by VOEC, with effect from January 1, 2024;

It is recommended that you register VOEC number to declare customs clearance, and VOEC tax number is required.

If there is no VOEC, EU special channel, from December 13, 2023, our company will provide customs duty and value-added prepaid service through DDP, charging standard: customs duty and value-added tax will be charged according to the declared value, customs duty 8%, VAT 25%, and prepayment fee 2%. The system charges fees automatically.

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